June 2019

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9 Pound Hammer

9 Pound Hammer is an aptly-named 80% indica strain known for intense effects that hit almost immediately. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has measured strain potency at between 14% and 23% THC, with a mild CBD profile that helps this strain earn its reputation as a potent pain-reliever. A favorite “nightcap” for medical users that […]

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DJ Short Blueberry Feature Photo

DJ Short Blueberry

DJ Short Blueberry offers users an inimitable scent and potent effects. Created by famed cannabis breeder, DJ Short, this Blueberry variety has a distinct tangy and sweet flavor that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur. This 80/20 Sativa-dominant hybrid will get you decently high with its THC content ranging between 15 to 24 percent. Lineage DJ

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Chunky Diesel

The Chunky Diesel strain may not be as well known as other West Coast classics, but this Sativa-dominant hybrid is slowly making a name for itself. Strong genetics and a pungent diesel aroma keep consumers coming back for more. Chunky Diesel has moderate THC levels ranging from 18 to 20 percent, perfect for an uplifting

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ChunkDawg Feature Photo

Chunk Dawg

Chunk Dawg buds may be small, but they can knock daily smokers on their ass. Don’t tread on this powerful, indica-dominant hybrid. On average, Chunk Dawg strains feature at least 20 percent THC.  It’s not uncommon to find Chunk Dawg strains that can reach up to 29 percent THC. Chunk Dawg’s aroma and bag appeal

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BubbaKush Feature Photo

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a famed strain with obscure origins and a wallop of cannabinoids. It’s a mighty Indica with THC levels ranging from 15 to 23 percent. That’s enough to keep you in a dreamy haze for a few hours. Bubba Kush’s tranquilizing effects are known among the cannabis community, so it’s a rite of

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Blue God Feature Photo

Blue God

Blue God can make you feel at peace with its strong Indica characteristics and berry-like aroma. Expect to find Blue God strains with THC levels between 15 to 20 percent. You won’t get super lit with Blue God in small doses, but you’ll feel a balanced body high that can improve nearly any situation. You’ll

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BlueCheese Feature Photo

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese strains feature a distinct and powerful fragrance full of fruity and savory notes that’ll remind you of your favorite fromage. This Indica hybrid strain has a moderate-to-high THC level ranging from 20 to 25 percent. Blue Cheese users report a balanced high and complex aroma. Lineage Blue Cheese is a cross between a

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Banana Kush WebReady main EDIT

Banana Kush

As you might expect from a strain name like Banana Kush, this Indica-dominant hybrid has the sharp scent of ripe plantains. Grab your piña colada and pack a Banana Kush bong with this flavorful and calming strain. You won’t feel blitzed out of your mind with this one. Banana Kush has a low-to-moderate THC concentration

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