Taking our passion for the plant to the next level


With years of video production experience under his belt and extensive first-hand knowledge of the cannabis sector, series creator, Jeremy Deichen, identified a need for a higher quality online platform to educate and entertain audiences across the industry. Although there was a ton of content available online and through YouTube, nothing had a high production value or provided accurate and reliable information for the cannabis cultivator and enthusiast. The industry needed a voice.

In 2015, the original garden tour series Growing Exposed, came to life documenting the exciting journey and historic moments of the cannabis industry, while offering viewers an unprecedented look behind the scenes at the “movers and shakers” who drive our industry forward.

Presently, Growing Exposed is much more than a YouTube series. The dynamic platform offers not only education and entertainment, but a high-impact marketing opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers across the sector. These exciting opportunities include integration into upcoming episodes, along with engagement through our highly trafficked website and social media channels.

After 5 years of dedication, we are excited to offer what we know to be a very engaging and effective media platform, with a purpose that goes beyond just marketing products.

We’re documenting the history of a plant that has transformed lives and would love for you to be a part of that journey!


Our host is the true definition of a professional. Amanda has a long career in television hosting ET Canada, MTV Select, Fuel TV, Fox Sports, KTLA, G4TechTV, Gametrailers, and various live launch events on Spike TV and MTV. Amanda is just as talented off-camera as she is on camera, using her degree in journalism to help co-write the series.


A poster child for the cannabis industry, our tour guide Justin began his journey 25 years ago with a single hydroponic retail shop. Since then, he has built his business alongside his partners into the largest chain of privately-owned hydroponic shops in Canada, along with the highly successful Green Planet Wholesale and Green Planet Nutrients. Justin now takes that success and turns it into his mission to represent the growing community, using his vast knowledge in cultivation, manufacturing, and retail as a positive force to helping others.


Known throughout the cannabis industry as the Garden Sage, David has earned his reputation through hard work, dedication to his craft and gifted intuition. An acclaimed author having created The Growers Handbook, David dispenses his years of knowledge as our resident expert. David has a unique talent for turning a complex topic into a simple conversation everyone can comprehend.

For over two decades, Jeremy Deichen has been in the trenches, telling stories with his camera. As a true innovator, he has always been keen to pick up on trends and social change before it becomes part of the public consciousness. As a creator of the series, Jeremy plays a vital role in cinematography, editing, writing and producing the series. His work can be seen in every major publication including High Times and Dope Magazine.

A bold visual creator of content, Jason has a resume most cinematographers would love to call their own. Jason has been behind the camera for the LA Kings hockey team, Oakley Sunglasses, Fox Sports, Monster Energy Supercross, and now our personal favorite, the Growing Exposed series. His natural eye, and ability to capture and tell a story are the result of years of hard work and dedication to his craft.

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