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Central Oregon

Season 2 Episode 8

On the latest episode of the premiere show about growing cannabis, Growing Exposed, we head to South East Oregon to visit KLR Farms. As always, we take viewers inside the garden to give you a behind the scenes look at the entire growing process, from start to finish. 

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We also like to introduce you to the people behind these impressive plants, the farmers whose hard work ensures such high quality product, and James Knox, of KLR Farms is a perfect example. He is a grower with over twenty years of commercial growing experience, and he isn’t afraid to pull any punches when it comes to today’s cannabis culture. He’s got strong opinions and while checking out the incredible plants at KLR Farms, we also find out how James feels about the term “Master Grower” and those who are all show, and no go. 

We started our tour by learning how an “adult temper tantrum” inspired the KLR Farms, S.A.F. (Simple as Fuck) growing program. The program was built after James noticed how many different nutrients other “master growers” were using on their plants, often duplicating ingredients. This lack of attention to detail irritated James and caused him to create the S.A.F. program, taking things back to basics and allowing even novice growers to turn out amazing results.

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After we meet James and learn about the S.A.F. program it’s time to take a closer look at the set up and plants. At KLR Farms, they don’t over complicate anything, including genetics. They only focus on three strains and they use a system that has been in the agricultural industry for years. 

We see how they set up their grow, from light deprivation to full sun, full season. They use a Dose-a-tron and a two-zone system. The Dose-a-tron has been in the agriculture industry for as long as anyone can remember and James breaks down exactly how it works. It’s simple and effective.

Next, we learn more about his plants and how each plant has to be given his personal stamp of approval, because he doesn’t want to put his name behind “things that suck.” He further explains why it’s important for growers to grow what they know.

We then take a break from the grow and head north to Portland, to take you inside the Cannabis Collaborative Conference – an important place for cannabis entrepreneurs to network and meet others.

We discover more about the cannabis industry in the state of Oregon and speak with Steve Marks, from the liquor commission in Oregon about how to obtain a growing license and the quality control process for legal cannabis.

Back at KLR Farms, we take a look at how they process that much cannabis and check out some differences between light dep and full sun, full season plants

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In Teachings of the Garden Sage, with David Robinson we talk flower rot. What it is, why it happens, and what to do about it? He explains the most susceptible plants to flower rot and tips to avoid it happening to your grow.

Finally, James takes us to an awe inspiring garden that was created in just 14 weeks. It’s a great example of when hard work and years of experience meet and we learn how leaf blowing helped this outdoor grow to thrive and survive in the harsh Oregon weather.

Whether you’re an experienced grower or just thinking about starting your own garden, Growing Exposed has something for everyone who is interested in the cannabis plant! Look for extended cuts of all our tours and interviews on and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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