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Season 2 Episode 10

Growing Exposed is the premiere show for all facets of the Cannabis industry and this episode is no exception. We’ll take viewers inside CannaCraft to learn all about the extraction process of the cannabis plant…seeing how it is turned into a variety of products including chocolate and other edibles, gel caps and even beverages!

Many have wondered how the cannabis plant goes from a flowering plant into oil and today we answer that question with an exclusive walk through of the extraction process inside CannaCraft’s massive processing plant. Dennis Hunter, who is consistently named as one of the most influential people in cannabis by High Times, will join Justin on this insiders tour.

We start with nice looking, dry cannabis and we learn that the less moisture a plant has the easier oil will come out of it. This dry cannabis is then put into a 20-liter machine to begin the extraction process. At CannaCraft they go through about 380 pounds of cannabis every 12 hours and can barely keep up with demand.

Dennis goes on to explain how this machine turns the dry flower into crude oil with the help of CO2, and what they do with that crude oil to get it ready for the consumer beginning with winterizing. It’s a complicated process but Dennis simplifies it and Justin goes into detail about terpenes and their importance.

Next, we check out the secondary processing part of the facility and get details on how a vacuum insulated machine helps make a clean product; ready for use in a variety of products including cartridges, edibles, gel caps, etc. Dennis explains further about the process of extracting those valuable terpenes during several different stages and temperatures.

With cannabis becoming legal all throughout Canada and in more and more parts of the USA, there are becoming so many options on how we can consume cannabis. It’s not just for smoking anymore and in Teachings of the Garden Sage, our resident expert David Robinson breaks down what method is best for you depending on your needs.

Heading back to CannaCraft it’s time for Justin and Dennis to get us up close with the final product…and of course, sample some of their award winning chocolate! We will see how they are able to ensure they get their dosages consistent and why Justin calls Dennis the Willy Wonka of weed, as well as the final step in the cannabis becoming gel caps.

Of course innovation is key in today’s competitive cannabis industry and one of the latest products to hit the market is Laguintas IPA, which is trying to blend the worlds of cannabis and beer. We talk to Jeremy, the brewmaster behind the brand and see how he makes it happen with consistent quality control and an old school machine.

For even more from our visit to CannaCraft including an in depth interview with Dennis about a police raid on the facility in 2016, check out growingexposed.com.

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