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On this episode of Growing Exposed we take you behind the scenes of Northwest Grown. Northwest Grown is located on a unique century old cattle ranch that has been converted into an indoor marijuana growing facility. Now usually indoor growing facilities aren’t known for being welcoming but this property has been around for five generations and is just beautiful. The picturesque 120-acre hobby farm in Washington State features several red barns and even a stream.


Our resident hydroponics expert, Justin meets Kyle, the cultivation manager at Northwest Grown for a tour around this incredible property and approximately 260 light garden. They begin their tour in the mother room. Here we see not only mothers and cuttings but also seedlings, which will form the future of the garden. Kyle explains they have an entire room dedicated to looking for phenos and how they are always looking for that keeper seed that will set them apart from the other grows in Washington.

Kyle then shows Justin how they flood the baby cuttings to eliminate hand watering and save much needed time and energy. It is a full flood and drain system that supports their big library featuring thirty-six genetics, and thirty-six different mothers.

Next stop is the veg room where we check out their mango stream; an heirloom afghani crossed with an OG based out of Northern California that has been in Kyle’s family for years with a huge terpene profile. It grows like a sativa and is known as a jumper plant. Kyle explains it’s all about the terpene profile. At Northwest Grown they average around 5-7% terpene profiles and Kyle shared that he uses the GP3 Green Planet series and massive bloom formulation to achieve these dynamite results.

Kyle couldn’t say enough about his nutrient of choice.  He has tried every nutrient system on the market and is having huge success with the Green Planet Nutrient Line up.

While in the mother room Justin and Kyle explain that using a paint sprayer is the most effective and portable way to get spray on your plants. Kyle shares that it is one of the most important tools in his garden because it allows them to apply products like Regalia that build the cell wall of the plants without hurting beneficial bugs.

In Teachings of the Garden Sage, David Robinson explains what a trichome is. It’s the name of the resin gland where all the unique properties of cannabis are expressed and it essentially looks like a crystal mushroom. David explains how the trichome has a stalk and a head and how it matures. Terpene profiles can be affected by when each grow is harvested. When they’re clear, they’re not ready. When they’re opaque, it might be more of a spirited high. When they reach amber, it becomes more sedative. This is something that each grower can decide for himself. It’s all about the crystal!

Often at Growing Exposed we wish you could experience the scent of the gardens we visit and the Northwest flower room is the most fragrant room we have smelled. With our method sunglasses we can see they are covered with these mushroom shaped trichomes. Alien Orange Cookies and Mango strains are giving off a beautiful scent.

Next Justin and Kyle show us the impressive test results from 360 Analytical who are responsible for testing terpene profiles, and THC percentages. The proof is on the paper and Northwest Grown has reason to be proud, testing much higher than their competition. They say they is thanks to their genetics and the quality of their Green Planet nutrients.

At Northwest Grown they not only grow marijuana, they process it as well and now we learn how they take high quality flower and refine it into oil. We meet Shannon in the extraction area and he walks us through this complex process. It’s a complicated and scientific procedure and he explains every move along the way. We watch cannabis go from flower, to Ewok aka honey, all they way to flavored oil…and every step in between.

Finally we see how they do the packaging at Northwest Grown. They have joints and flower and enjoy a nice and simple design, allowing the product to speak for itself. 

We hope you enjoyed our tour of Northwest Grown. For more check us out on social media!

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