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High Up In Humboldt

Season 2 Episode 4

On this episode of Growing Exposed we give you an insiders look at the world of cannabis cultivation.

We start off with a well-timed aerial tour of Humboldt. When we spoke to our friends at Royal Gold soils they suggested taking to the sky for a helicopter tour to see some epic gardens, so we took them up on their offer…and it did not disappoint! After enjoying the beautiful coastline views, we headed inland to the forests that are known for being “the heartland of outdoor cannabis cultivation.”

Growing Exposed hydroponics expert, Justin, and Michael from Royal Gold, take viewers with them as they absorb the beauty of the area while discussing the awesome people who work in the cannabis industry. From the air, we see the sheer size of our first garden; which has been using Green Planet nutrients, and has an incredible hedge that specifically showcases Liquid Weight and Massive Bloom Formulation. Each garden in today’s tour uses Royal Gold soil, which is proudly made in Humboldt.

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At our first of three garden tours we meet Ronzo, an old school local grower who spoke to us about the age-old game of cat and mouse played over the years between growers and authorities. His plants are some of the most sought after in Humboldt, and include a variety that is 20% CBD to 1% THC and is extremely rare. This strain is being used by cancer and epilepsy patients and has countless medicinal benefits. We also took an up close look at lemon, a strain with an incredible Terpene profile that smells just amazing.

In teachings of the garden sage…David Robinson, author of The Growers Handbook, discusses the principle needs of growing cannabis whether you’re growing indoors or out. When growing outdoors you’re relying a lot on Mother Nature for sunlight, etc. and hopefully Mother Nature is consistent to produce the highest quality flower possible. David gives tips on how using Back Country Blend will supply plants with the nutrients they need. He also explains how important it is for growers to find the right strain for their specific environment when growing outdoors.

Our next garden, Quantum Genetics, is on a traditional piece of farmland and is in a full light deprivation green house, manufactured by Forever Flowering Greenhouses. This set up allows growers to maintain consistency all year round. We hear about how their light set up works and get a VIP look at their baby room, not to mention the forty feet trailer packed full of drying cannabis! Unique to this garden, is their family of ducks, who happily munch on leftover trim; making cannabis infused eggs!

Finally, we head back up to the hills for our final tour at Indra Valley Strategic Marketing Group. The plants at this garden grow to over 15 feet tall and have stalks up to three or four inches thick. These big, monster plants are the definition of the emerald triangle at its finest, and are why Humboldt is known for being one of the best possible places to grow outdoors. We see for ourselves, the famous Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. We also learn more about how the extraction process works and the garden’s automated light deprivation setup.

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