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Desert Hot Springs

Season 2 Episode 9

Growing Exposed takes pride in getting its viewers inside the biggest cannabis gardens in the country, and getting them exclusive growing tips from the most seasoned growers in the business. The cannabis plant is so much more than just a weed, there is a science to growing this beloved plant, and we are here to give you the best tips from the pros.

In this episode we start off by traveling to Desert Hot Springs in California to go inside San Jac Gardens. This is the largest indoor facility we have ever visited…it has 740 lights and is the biggest in the area. We will learn how scheduling is of utmost importance at this grow, sometimes planning years ahead to get their ideal buds.

Our tour guide and hydroponics expert, Justin, introduces us to Kon, who explains the facility is made up of two state of the art buildings and this set up has given him a chance to really prove what he can do as a grower. He shares with Justin how he has managed to scale up to a grow this size, and how important is it to look ahead to the future with a rigid planning schedule.

We have learned a lot as we travel from garden to garden, seeing the biggest and most fragrant buds as they flourish in a variety of growing environments…but one thing that is consistent no matter where we go, is that a great growing soil is crucial to success. Here at San Jac they use Tupur from Royal Gold soils. This high-grade product comes premixed and allows growers to feed their plants several times a day.

Kon and Justin then take a look at the cuttings and discuss how they choose the best of the bunch and go from 3200 down to the best 1250. Then we learn where the plants go next and how the process works from start to finish. We get a closer look at the plants themselves and check out a few different growing rooms, with layer upon layer of cannabis plants.

Justin and Kon go into detail about nutrients and explain how and why synthetic and organic products work best together. We delve deeper into this topic in Teachings of the Garden Sage with David Robinson, he explains the differences between the two and how we can get the best of both worlds.

Back at San Jac, its time to take a closer look at their setup. We check out their high tech HVAC system, see how they control the climate at this grow and take a look at their massive water towers. This leads us to learn all abut their unique irrigation system, which is crucial to their productivity.

Then we take a break from garden and head to San Bernadino where High Times was celebrating the Harvest Cup. We go inside the multi day party that featured Moto-X riders, talented performers, and all things cannabis. We meet some of the vendors and talk to the attendees.

After the party we head back to San Jac to meet some of the team behind their huge grow. We learn more about the different jobs available in the booming cannabis industry and go back inside the growing rooms so Justin can get up close and personal with the plants. Finally, we close the show by showing the security that goes into a grow like this…and it’s impressive.

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