Chunk Dawg


Chunk Dawg

Chunk Dawg buds may be small, but they can knock daily smokers on their ass. Don’t tread on this powerful, indica-dominant hybrid. On average, Chunk Dawg strains feature at least 20 percent THC. 
It’s not uncommon to find Chunk Dawg strains that can reach up to 29 percent THC. Chunk Dawg’s aroma and bag appeal may draw you in, but, be careful, because this dawg bites.

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What gives Chunk Dawg its sky-high cannabinoid content and pungent aroma? Chunk Dawg’s roots trace back to Colorado breeder, Deep Sea Creations. To concoct such a devilishly potent strain, an East Coast Panama Chunk (East Coast Sour Diesel x [Panama Red x Deep Chunk]) was paired with an I-95 (Triangle Kush x Legend OG/Stardawg IX strain). Needless to say, the result was kush-tastic.


Come for the old world kush aroma and stay for the citrusy pine undertone. With Chunk Dawg, you get a pungent lemon scent with some skunky notes. Chunk Dawg gets its aroma of diesel fuel and pine trees from its Stardawg parent. It also gets its slightly noxious undertone from its Triangle Kush genetics.

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The best things come in small packages. Chunk Dawg’s small-to-medium-sized nugs are compact and dense. They’re frosted with amber-colored trichome glands and deep orange hairs. Chunk Dawg buds feature dark green leaves that create a colorful contrast with its blazing pistils shooting out of this heart-shaped strain.


Proceed with caution with Chunk Dawg. Experienced users can use Chunk Dawg to liven the party or relax after the party. It’s really an anytime strain. Chunk Dawg’s high THC levels give users a euphoric cerebral boost as well as a slight tingling and relaxing sensation. In small doses, you’ll be all smiles. In large doses, you may be catching some z’s.
Chunk Dawg is a frosty delight that can satisfy novice or heavy users. It’s complex aroma and taste makes this strain even more appealing to cannabis enthusiasts. Don’t miss out if you have a chance to try a lemon and skunky Chunk Dawg.
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