Bubba Kush


Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a famed strain with obscure origins and a wallop of cannabinoids. It’s a mighty Indica with THC levels ranging from 15 to 23 percent. That’s enough to keep you in a dreamy haze for a few hours. Bubba Kush’s tranquilizing effects are known among the cannabis community, so it’s a rite of passage if you haven’t tried it.

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Bubba Kush’s genetic origins are unclear. Some cannabis community members trace the strain back to a Los Angeles-based breeder by the same name, Bubba Kush. who crossed an OG Kush male with a Northern Lights female. The Bubba Kush strain gained wide appeal during the mid-1990s and has been a customer favorite ever since.
OG Kush genetics transfer a high volume of THC to make Bubba Kush a popular strain among seasoned smokers. The Kush genetics also infuse a hint of spice, skunk, and diesel fuel into many Bubba Kush varieties. 


Bubba Kush’s enviable genetics emit a complex aromatic profile that fills any room. Enjoy lightly sweet and hashish-like notes. Imagine the smell of a rainy autumn morning at an Amsterdam coffee shop. 
Bubba Kush’s earthy aromas include woodsy and chocolate hints inherited from its Northern Lights genetics. Pair this strain with a warm cup of cocoa and enjoy its pungent and spicy aroma. 

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Forest green leaves and light purple shades cover these compact and dense nugs. Bright copper pistil hairs infuse a bit of color to the deep green leaves. Bubba Kush buds may resemble popcorn nugs due to their small-to-medium size. You’ll stop dead in your tracks when spotting a Bubba Kush strain that’s evenly coated with resinous trichomes.


As a heavy Indica, Bubba Kush has been used to ease worrisome thoughts or soothe aching muscles. One hit and a Kush haze will wash over you leaving you supremely relaxed. Say goodbye to anxious thoughts and say hello to a nap. Bubba Kush can make you sleepy if you consume too much of it.
Despite its disputed origins, Bubba Kush clearly packs an intoxicating punch. Its high THC levels give first and long-time users a highly psychotropic experience. Don’t miss out on this sweet and earthy strain next time you come across it.
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