Blue God


Blue God

Blue God can make you feel at peace with its strong Indica characteristics and berry-like aroma. Expect to find Blue God strains with THC levels between 15 to 20 percent. You won’t get super lit with Blue God in small doses, but you’ll feel a balanced body high that can improve nearly any situation. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud about to meet your creator.

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Blue God was bred by Canadian Jordan of the Islands. It’s a cross between two classic Cannabis Cup-winning strains: God Bud and Blueberry. Blue God’s Blueberry genetics contribute to its fruity and intriguing flavor. 
God Bud passes on its dense bud structure and slightly purple color as well as resin production. With its admirable lineage, Blue God is a solid strain for any cannabis user.


You’ll get an aromatic punch every time you open up a jar of Blue God. Blue God has sweet blueberry notes mixed with an earthy and ripe-smelling bite. It’s dank and sweet with skunky and pine undertones if you’re an avid terp hunter. Users appreciate Blue God’s balanced herbal and berry fragrance.


You’ll want to bow down to this diety of a strain. Blue God is very photogenic with its oval shape, dark green colas, tufts of deep purple leaves, and amber-colored trichomes. Reddish brown pistil hairs add an extra dash of vivid color to give Blue God great bag appeal. Frosty trichomes and violet hues are worthy of macro photography.


As a strain with moderate THC levels, Blue God provides users with deep and relaxing effects. Wash away your stresses with a puff or two of Blue God. Users experience euphoria and feelings of contentment. In heavy doses, Blue God has a strong sedative power that can knock out inexperienced users or those seeking high-strength relief.
Blue God is a fragrant cannabis bouquet that delivers a mellow body high and mild pain relief. Too much of this strain can leave users couch-locked. Don’t mess with this intense strain if it’s your first time. Try some Blue God if you’re looking for a nighttime strain or a strain that can reduce your stress levels without making you paranoid.
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