Chunky Diesel


Chunky Diesel

The Chunky Diesel strain may not be as well known as other West Coast classics, but this Sativa-dominant hybrid is slowly making a name for itself. Strong genetics and a pungent diesel aroma keep consumers coming back for more. Chunky Diesel has moderate THC levels ranging from 18 to 20 percent, perfect for an uplifting and functional high.

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Chunky Diesel was bred by Ganja Rebel Seed Co. for Cresco Labs. They combined Deep Chunk, a pure Indica with Afghani landrace origins, and the ever-popular and invigorating Sour Diesel strain to create a genetically-gifted Sativa.
Deep Chunk’s earthy, hashy, and chocolatey notes as well as Sour Diesel’s pungent and quick-acting characteristics were passed on to this stimulating Deep Chunk strain. Both parent strains are tried-and-true varieties that have parented many other popular strains so you know you’re getting some premium flower with Chunky Diesel.


Depending on the specific batch of Chunky Diesel you get, aromas will range from a light to a heavy and pungent gas scent. Couple that with a sweet pinch of chocolate and coffee notes and you’ve got a funky-smelling strain. The sharp bite of the diesel smell is balanced with the earthy and woody undertones from its Deep Chunk lineage.

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Mint green leaves and glowing reddish-brown pistils make this dense and chunky strain a sight to behold. Golden yellow trichomes are abundant throughout the large nugs. Some varieties of Chunky Diesel will display a light purple iridescence under the bright green bud leaves.


Chunky Diesel’s moderate THC content and pungent aroma make for a pleasant and motivating cannabis experience. Consumers report feeling clear-headed and stress-free after taking a few hits of this Sativa-dominant strain. As a powerful mood-elevating strain, Chunky Diesel has been used to fuel creative endeavors, reduce worries, and act as a social lubricant.
Chunky Diesel’s euphoric and energizing effects can elevate any experience, whether it’s watching a movie on a Friday night or reading a comic book on the patio. You may not find this strain everywhere, but when you do, get a few grams and enjoy its sharp and complex aroma.
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