DJ Short Blueberry


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DJ Short Blueberry

DJ Short Blueberry offers users an inimitable scent and potent effects. Created by famed cannabis breeder, DJ Short, this Blueberry variety has a distinct tangy and sweet flavor that will satisfy any cannabis connoisseur. This 80/20 Sativa-dominant hybrid will get you decently high with its THC content ranging between 15 to 24 percent.

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DJ Short Blueberry originated in the West Coast by Old World Genetics’ DJ Short. This strain is a mix of resilient landrace strains: Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai. DJ Short Blueberry’s genetics have been used to develop new cultivars including Blue Cheese, Berry White, and Big Blue. DJ Short Blueberry’s top-notch genetics earned it first place as the Best Indica at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.


One whiff will remind you of a freshly baked blueberry cobbler sitting on the windowsill. DJ Short Blueberry has a distinct fresh and wild blueberry tang and sweetness. The sweet flavor mixes with floral, fruity, and tart notes. DJ Short Blueberry gets its skunky and spice aromas from its Afghan parent.

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DJ Short Blueberry comes packed with colorful leaves, hairs, and trichomes. A bright green and chunky cola features hints of purple and red throughout. Reddish-brown and spindly hairs add a striking balance of colors between the violet hues. DJ Short Blueberry stands out with its crystal-clear trichomes that almost cover the bud completely.


As a Sativa-dominant strain, DJ Short Blueberry provides users with a pleasant and energizing high that can jumpstart their day or be used to wind down. Users report a euphoric head high paired with slightly sedative effects that are perfect for nighttime use. DJ Short Blueberry is an excellent stress reliever in small doses.
Give DJ Short Blueberry a try if you’re into flavorful and stimulating strains. This particular Blueberry variety pack quite a fruity punch due to its robust landrace genetics and moderate THC content. With instant effects and colorful leaves, DJ Short Blueberry is a solid strain for any occasion.
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