Banana Kush


Banana Kush

As you might expect from a strain name like Banana Kush, this Indica-dominant hybrid has the sharp scent of ripe plantains. Grab your piña colada and pack a Banana Kush bong with this flavorful and calming strain. You won’t feel blitzed out of your mind with this one. Banana Kush has a low-to-moderate THC concentration ranging from 15 to 18 percent.

To heavy users, Banana Kush may offer a quiet respite from high-THC strains or full-spectrum dabs. For new users, Banana Kush is an excellent entry-level strain that can induce relaxation without any mind-racing effects. Plus, it tastes like banana.

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Banana Kush’s unique aroma and low-THC content come from its cannabis parents: Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Ghost OG comes from a cut of OG Kush and passes on its citrus aroma and grassy undertones as well as its beefy bud size.

Skunk Haze gives Banana Kush its signature banana aroma and flavor. Skunk Haze has an earthy and musky smell that combines with Ghost OG’s terpenes to create a cornucopia of tropical fruity flavors. Skunk Haze’s balanced THC:CBD ratio makes Banana Kush a perfect strain for when you need a clear-headed buzz.


Unlike artificial banana flavoring that completely misses the mark on a banana’s complex taste, Banana Kush doesn’t disappoint. Breaking apart a freshly cured nug of Banana Kush reveals a ripe, fruity, and spicy aroma. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Any cannabis user will appreciate the skunky and floral undertones. Banana Kush has a subtle sweetness. It’s a welcome relief from the cavalcade of citrus and pine-heavy strains.

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Banana Kush comes in vibrant, almost fluorescent green buds that are densely covered in milky white trichomes. Red and orange wiry pistils add a touch of color to this sweet and earthy strain. Banana Kush strains are often oval-shaped.


Experience a mellow and relaxed buzz that won’t leave you frazzled. Banana Kush’s moderate THC level is just enough to relieve your stress after a long day of work or to stimulate a creative session. Banana Kush gives users a mild burst of euphoria that can act as a social lubricant. Enjoy an even-keeled high that’ll get your ready for bed or a quick nap.

Banana Kush looks too good to stay in a nug jar. Partake in some Banana Kush if you’re looking to take it easy. It’s slightly pungent smell offers a pleasant kick on the exhale. You will be more than satisfied with this sweet strain.
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