Birthday Cake


Birthday Cake

Even if it isn’t your special day, you should be able to enjoy a nice and scrumptious portion of some irresistible Birthday Cake flower buds. A few bites, or shall I say, puffs of Birthday Cake will leave you plenty satisfied. This balanced hybrid strain delivers THC levels starting at 24 percent.
Get a taste of this bright green and sweet-smelling flower nug to complement any dessert or enjoy on its own. There’s no wrong way to enjoy the mouthwatering Birthday Cake strain. Look out for Birthday Cake strain varieties that are more indica-leaning.

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Birthday Cake gets all of its saccharine-goodness from its pungent and complex parent cultivars, the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains. That sounds like a delectable combination, doesn’t it? 
Don’t let Birthday Cake’s sugary aromatic profile fool you, it’s got quite the bite. Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies both pass on their high THC levels and pleasant aromas.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Birthday Cake’s sweet vanilla aroma. Pair this strain with any gourmet chocolate or decadent pastry for an added kick of flavor. Birthday Cake has distinct earthy and fruity notes that can offset the sweetness and balance the flavor profile.

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Birthday Cake almost looks too good to smoke, but of course, you must give it a try. Bright and fluffy green leaves come in tightly-packed buds. Sparse orange pistil hairs add a splash of fiery orange hues throughout the bud structure. Upon first glance, you’ll notice the sweet Birthday Cake icing of white trichomes.


Not quite a sugar rush, but you’ll experience an intense and instant cerebral buzz and potent body relaxing effects right after. Too many servings of Birthday Cake can leave even the most seasoned smokers lazily strewn about on a couch or their bed. Birthday Cake is an ideal strain for relaxing your mind and body. Partake to elevate your movie-watching experience or right before bed.
With Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookie genetics, how could Birthday Cake not be a clear winner? Enjoy Birthday Cake’s subtle berry notes and earthy aromas through a vaporizer or a joint. Go ahead and make your own Birthday Cake infusions.  You won’t need to blow out any candles because your wish will have come true once you smoke this strain.
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