Alien OG


Alien OG

Alien OG has earned a reputation for having out-of-this-world THC levels. Blast off to space with this high-octane strain featuring one of the highest potencies available. Savor the aromatic hints of pine, citrus, and hash when smoking this balanced hybrid strain.
Beginner users should approach Alien OG with caution. You may feel too relaxed to want to get  out of the couch. Alien OG boasts anywhere from 26 to 30 percent THC to give you an uplifting and invigorating mental and physical boost.

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Alien OG was first made available in sunny California as a clone from Cannabis Cup-winning seed bank, Cali Connection. Obsoul33t, a prolific seed breeder, originally crossed a male Alien Kush and a female F1 Tahoe OG Kush to create an otherworldly and pungent strain. 
Alien OG gets a lot of its distinct and bright aromatic notes from Tahoe OG Kush’s terpene profile that reminds users of lemons and other citrus fruits. Alien Kush passes on its more subtle earthy undertones to create a perfect balance of spicy and sweet smells. Ultimately, Alien OG’s genetics offer users a high-intensity high due to its hard-hitting lineage.


A bold lemony scent will waft through the air as soon as you open a jar of Alien OG. One whiff will remind you of drinking a nice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day. You’ll also notice a piney undertone mixed with earthy and woody notes. Who doesn’t love pine and citrus-heavy buds?

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Alien OG doesn’t just pack a punch of hallucinatory-inducing cannabinoids, it also has great bag appeal. Alien OG grows in densely packed and vibrant green flower nugs. Each bud is blanketed by a sheet of amber-colored trichomes, so you know it means business.
If you look close enough, you’ll spot its fiery red and brown pistil hairs poking through the bright green leaves. Alien OG’s bud structure is clean and tight and can be extremely satisfying to break apart.


Be prepared to stay glued to your seat because Alien OG will take you on an intergalactic ride through space. Buckle up for a powerful mind and body high. Make way for a burst of euphoria that can stimulate your mind and creativity when you need it most. Just sit back, relax, and put on a nice flick. Just don’t forget water and munchies.
Alien OG has the capability to leave you stranded in deep space if you’re not careful. Responsible use of Alien OG delivers a strong and accelerating high for general stress relief and mild aches and pains. 
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