Sulfur Deficiency

Sulfurs Role in Plant Health and Vigor

Sulfurs importance as a micronutrient can not be overstated. Sulfurs role aids in abiotic, biotitic resistances as well as secondary metabolism. Some of sulfurs functions in plant health are creating proteins, enzymes, vitamins and is a necessary part in creating chlorophyll. Which is vital for photosynthesis. 

Sulfur is quickly utilized as sulphate by your plants and is usually in abundance in most soil mediums and or nutrient lines.  Sulfur is considered one of the main 6 Nutrients a plant needs regularly available. 

Sulfur Deficiencies 

Although rare sulfur deficiencies can happen. Spotting them is easy. 

  • Young leaves/new growth will look lime-green and near the leaf stem will yellow 
  • Tips of leaves will turn brown and die
  • A more severe lack of S will cause your leaves to have yellow veins and will loss vigor or look droopy
  • Stems will turn woody and overall growth is stunted 
  • A blooming plant will have bud/node termination

Toxicity of sulfur is very unlikely but will cause your plant to develop slow and be small. With dark green growth w/severe cases showing discoloration in the margins and leaf burn at tips.

This cannabis plant is showing th very first signs of a sulphur deficiencyThis pot plant is showing the signs of a sulphur deficiency (yellowng of leaves starting from the center)More information on sulphur deficiencies in your cannabis plant

Solution: Check your soil pH, you make a slurry with Reverse osmosis water or distilled water and your soil. It’s a little invasive but your plants should be ok, remove a small amount of soil below the soil surface and mix it with a little water and then take a reading. In case of toxicity rinse media with regular water pH’ed to 5.5 in inert/hydro media and 6.0 in most soils. Then reapply a charge to your media and feed as usual at optimal pH range.

  • 5.5-6.2 in Inert/Hydro
  • 6.0-7.0 in Soil

Sulfur moves slowly through the plant so it may take a few days after you fix the problem before you start noticing an improvement in your plant, so don’t over correct and feed as usual at correct pH range with normal feeding rates for your stage of life.

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