Iron Deficiency

If you are seeing interveinal chlorosis in new leaves and new growth you may be experiencing an iron deficiency.  Characterized by yellowing leaf’s with necrotic margins, iron deficiencies will stunt growth and limit a plants potential and overall health.  Iron is a necessary component in the creation of chlorophyll as well as other enzymes. Iron deficiencies happen for a variety of reasons but more often then not it has a direct correlation to media pH. Preferred pH range for iron uptake is pH of 5.5-6.5.

Cannabis Iron deficiency - top leaves are bright yellow

Iron deficiencies are rare but can occur in certain condition and as a result of an improper nutrient mix. Identifying your source is often step one. Correcting you the issue is usually quiet simple, either boost feed with a water soluble iron or flush your media and charge with a high rate mix of nutrients.

Correcting an iron deficiency might take a week or so but using a product with a chelated iron that’s readily available like, EDDHA, will speed up this process. Remember to keep media pH in control and you iron deficiency will soon be over.

This cannabis iron deficiency is actually caused by too much nutrients (the grower added too much chicken manure as fertilizer)


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