Gastro Pop

Cap Junky: Kush Mintz X Alien Cookies A Balanced Hybrid with Unparalleled Potency     Lineage Gastro Pop, a contemporary cannabis strain crafted by the esteemed Compound Genetics, is a fusion of Apples & Bananas and Grape Gas. This meticulously bred hybrid introduces a spectrum of phenotypes, each uniquely numbered, with Gastro Pop #5 and

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Peanut Butter Runtz 0003 Peanut Butter Runtz 2 copy

Peanut Butter Runtz

Lineage Peanut Butter Runtz, an enchanting indica-dominant hybrid, emerges from the harmonious union of Runtz and Peanut Butter Breath. Crafted with precision, this hybrid leans predominantly towards the indica side, offering a delightful combination of effects and flavors that cannabis enthusiasts cherish. Aroma Bred by 3rd Coast Genetics, Peanut Butter Runtz features a flavor profile

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11 20 GP WEB SOCIALAll Parts System

Understanding the Parts of GreenPlanet Nutrients Base Fertilizer Programs

Whether you garden in soil or hydroponics, choosing a plant food that fits your preferred method of growing can be as important as other factors that promote the maximum yield of a garden. For all of us looking for simpler and more effective tools in the garden, GreenPlanet Nutrients has introduced multiple base nutrient programs

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Compost tea

How To Make Compost Tea For Your Cannabis Garden

Compost tea is a liquid produced by extracting beneficial microorganisms (microbes) from compost using a brewing process. It is an all natural, organic material that will supercharge your plants unlike anything else. Here, Justin Cooper, from Growing Exposed shares his recommended recipe on how to make a high quality compost tea that will give your

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S3 EP1 Lost Coast white

The Show Must Go On

Amid the mayhem that Covid 19 is causing in the world right now… the show must go on. Cannabis enthusiasts and anyone looking to curb their curiosity of the behind the scenes of the cannabis industry will be happy to know that a new Growing Exposed episode was released April 4, 2020.  The first episode

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Dennis story

The History Behind Dennis Hunter And Cannacraft

You can’t tell the story of CannaCraft without Dennis Hunter. For as long as he can remember, the co-founder of one of California’s largest cannabis companies has been a proponent of cannabis, growing up watching family and friends use it for medicinal and recreational purposes and eventually growing it himself as a teenager. Today, he’s

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