What Is The Best Nutrient For Growing Cannabis?


What Is The Best Nutrient For Growing Cannabis?

The best nutrient to grow weed

The best nutrient to grow marijuana

With so many options to choose from, from a seemingly endless number of nutrient companies, growers can easily become overwhelmed with choices.  That’s why it’s helpful to take a sneak peek into the reservoirs of the professionals, so you too can feel confident about selecting a trusted line of products before your next trip to the hydroponics store.

Green Planet Nutrients, massive bloom, medi one, GP3I would never say “use my favorite nutrient line and you are guaranteed to take home the next cannabis cup”  Not at all. Experienced growers already know nutrients are the least important factor when determining yield and quality.  In fact, a series I produced several years ago called “Factors That Maximize Yield,” featuring Author of The Grower’s Handbook David Robinson, goes in depth on this topic, explaining genetics are #1, your system and set up #2, and environment is #3, while nutrients find themselves at the bottom of the list!

But this doesn’t mean plant food doesn’t play a pivotal role, because it most certainly does.  But I needed to point out the obvious. There are no “unicorn tears” in a bottle that can overcome sub-par genetics, a bad set-up, or a poor environment.  Dial those in first, then move on to my checklist for choosing the best nutrient system for cannabis growing.

The first question you need to ask is “where do they get their raw ingredients?”   

To start, not all nutrients are created equal.  High quality formulas like Green Planet Nutrients begin with the purest form of raw ingredients that originate from trusted sources in countries like Canada, Germany, Israel, and the USA.  It’s crucial to select a fertilizer as your main food that provides a good balance of the basic elements, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Cannabis plants will excel when they are given perfect ratios of the essential macronutrients and micronutrients.

The next question then should be “Is it backed by science?”  

Green Planet Nutrients Rezin, GP3,Because fertilizer is created on the elemental level, the next area of importance is the chemistry.  Having an on-staff chemist to formulate a superior product is key. Since quality control is the responsibility of the nutrient manufacturer, find out if they perform analysis tests on each batch.  Lab tests are scientific proof that your nutrient system is held to the highest standard.
Many brands obtain their ingredients from cheap sources focusing on quantity and profits.  I turned the question to Justin Cooper, co-owner of Green Planet Nutrients, to tell me about the process he goes through to ensure quality first.  He responded by telling me “We have low levels of preservatives, no added colours or synthetic dyes. We use post filtration, homogenization, UV sterilization, reverse osmosis and for the past 20 years have committed ourselves to the highest standards in the industry.”  

Lastly, I would want to know “Is it grower approved?”

What growers care about is results.  And for the past two decades the nutrient company I can recommend has consistently delivered.  I have spoke to people all over the world, and have now documented in my series Growing Exposed some of the most beautiful cannabis I have ever seen, grown with GreenPlanet.  It is trusted by the commercial scale producers down to the micro craft cannabis grower. If you want to learn more about their products visit www.mygreenplanet.com.

Check out these links to exclusive gardens tours where the cannabis is grown with Green Planet Nutrients.

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