Violator Kush is a pure Indica strain that can send you into a relaxing and peaceful space whenever you need a respite from daily life. This Kush variety contains moderate THC levels ranging between 14 and 16 percent. Even just a few puffs of Violator Kush can help your mind and muscles unwind and descend into a mellow state.

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Amsterdam-based Barney’s Farm created Violator Kush by crossing Malana and Hindu Kush strains. This Indica-dominant strain produces large and resinous yields. The Himalayan-grown Malana strain brings an herbal and spicy aroma with buds that glisten with trichome glands. Hindu Kush passes on its pepper and pine undertones, as well as its calming effects.


Violator Kush has the signature Kush aroma featuring strong earthy, peppery, citrus, gassy, and herbal notes. This pure Indica has a light sweet base with a range of musky and hashy scents. Some users liken Violator Kush’s aroma to the smell of pine and moss. Violator Kush’s pungent and skunky scent can be brought out with a desktop or portable vaporizer.

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As a pure Indica, Violator Kush has long, dense, and chunky buds with a high amount of resin. Violator Kush plants grow short and bushy like most heavy Indicas. These large buds have bud leaves ranging from bright green to almost hay-colored leaves. Bronze pistil hairs abound between the bright sheen of trichomes.


Smoke or vaporize Violator Kush in the afternoon or evening to induce a deep and relaxing feeling wash over your body. Its instant narcotic effects can reduce daily stressors and anxious thoughts. Medical users report using this strain for stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. While you can use it to induce sleep, a small dose can reduce stress and enhance social situations.

Smoke some Violator Kush on a lazy Sunday or right after work to unwind. This evening and nighttime strain is the perfect addition to a Netflix binge or before eating takeout. First-time users should consume small doses of this strain to avoid feeling sleepy or fatigued. High-tolerance users will enjoy its pleasant narcotic effects.

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