Strawberry Daf


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Strawberry Daf

Strawberry Daf may not be available in every dispensary’s display case, but this strain offers lucky users a rare treat of energizing effects and a ripe berry aroma. Strawberry Daf’s sativa-dominant characteristics are the perfect pick-me-up for those feeling a bit groggy in the morning or social users. Enjoy Strawberry Daf’s moderate THC concentration along with its fruity and funky smell.

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A legendary union between Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream (Haze x Blueberry) strains produced this invigorating and cerebral cannabis strain. The pungent Strawberry Cough parent passes on its signature fresh strawberry scent, while Blue Dream provides a hint of earthiness, pine, and spice. Overall, Strawberry Daf is a hardy strain that produces moderate-to-high yields with dense and trichome-filled buds.


Users that gravitate toward sweet and tropical aromas will drool over Strawberry Daf’s intense berry scent. The strain’s syrupy sweetness is tempered with skunky and herbal notes that become more apparent on the exhale. Like its parents, Strawberry Daf has a strong concentration of myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, and humulene terpenes.

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Strawberry Daf strains can flourish in indoor and greenhouse environments. Bushy and dense nugs have a bright green color interspersed with light orange pistils and tiny crystal trichomes throughout. Strawberry Daf’s buds look and smell like a sweet berry candy. Its long and fox-tailed nugs look almost too good to consume.


Like Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream, Strawberry Daf provides users with a strong rush of euphoria, happiness, and stress relief. Small-to-medium doses of this sativa-leaning strain can give users a revitalizing mood boost during any time of the day. Its cerebral and creative effects are paired with subtle, but long-lasting muscle relaxation.

Whether you’re taking a long hike or relaxing beachside while reading a book, Strawberry Daf is the ideal strain to get users focused on the task at hand. Its blissful effects can liven up any activity and wash away the daily stresses of work. Don’t think twice about getting yourself some Strawberry Daf buds.

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