Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a strain so sweet and potent that you may want to commit to it for life. Also known as Pink Cookies, Wedding Cake is a robust hybrid strain that can contain up to 27 percent THC. Most Wedding Cake strains will have THC levels ranging from 17 to 23 percent. Still, Wedding Cake delivers a cerebral rush and muscle-relaxing effects in most cases. It’s even won multiple awards including the 1st Place Hybrid Flower at the 2018 SoCal Cannabis Cup.

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Wedding Cake is a cross between the acclaimed Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie strains. GSC passes on its peppery, citrus, and hoppy aromas, while Cherry Pie introduces its sweet and earthy scents into Wedding Cake buds. For Wedding Cake fans, the sweet and fruity Guava Cake and gassy and grape-flavored Grape Cake are two children you’ll definitely enjoy. This hybrid is best reserved for growers who can handle high-maintenance plants.


One whiff of Wedding Cake will tell you everything you need to know about its popularity. Its main terpenes include the citrus-scented limonene, the peppery caryophyllene, and the herbal myrcene, and musky humulene terpenes. This hybrid strain features a perfect balance of sugar and sour notes. The sour aroma comes from the buds’ slight citric tang. Some users report smelling skunky and woody undertones, too.

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Wedding Cake is fit for consumption during any special day. The first thing you’ll notice is the thick layer of trichomes reminiscent of vanilla frosting on a wedding cake. Its dense and tight buds have a chunky cone shape. Wedding Cake’s bud leaves are vivid to light green with hints of light orange pistils. Some Wedding Cake strains may have subtle shades of pink and purple, if grown in cold climates.


Wedding Cake is the perfect anytime strain. Depending on the dosage amount, you can feel a range of effects that can relax and uplift you. Whether you’re perfecting your art, engaging in a strenuous workout, or ordering your favorite takeout, Wedding Cake can make users feel euphoric and stress-free. Medical users report consuming this strain to relieve the symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

This dessert-smelling strain should be on every cannabis user’s bucket list. Every inhale brings a burst of sweet and sour flavors into your mouth. Users consume Wedding Cake in large doses to relax and doze off into a peaceful slumber or small doses to feel invigorated. Wedding Cake’s versatility and efficacy make it one of the most popular strains around.

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