Twister Trimmers | Everything You Need To Know!


Twister Trimmers | Everything You Need To Know!

Twister trimmers

Hand-trimming cannabis isn’t for everyone. It can be monotonous, time-intensive, and draining work. Twister Trimmer makes automated trimming solutions for home and commercial growers, saving them time, money, and labor in the long run.

On a tour at Twister Trimmer headquarters, Product Manager Brent Anderson gave us the 411 on everything growers need to know about Twister Trimmer machines. Check out the full interview on our YouTube channel, or read the condensed version below. Happy trimming!

Wet vs. Dry Trim: Which One Is Better?

It’s up for debate, but each trimming method has its pros and cons.

Dry trimming can be a bit faster than wet trimming but requires an additional drying step before the trimming process.

Wet trimming doesn’t need drying but can cauterize the plant material, producing a cut-grass aroma.

Twister Trimmer offers different tumbler sizes: standard for wet trim and narrow for dry trim.

Why Does Tumbler, Barrel, or Blade Size Matter?

For optimal throughput, Twister Trimmer recommends that the best barrel sizes have the most surface area with the least volume. Blade size does not matter as much.

Why Is Speed Control Important?

A common misconception when using a trimming machine is that faster trimming speeds equal higher throughout.

With Twister Trimmers, this is not true.

Speed control allows processors to optimize the flow of the material and how they rotate in the tumbler so that the buds are evenly trimmed.

How Do Bypass Control, Tumbler Speed, and Blade Speed Interact Together?

Tumblr speed – Tumblr speed changes how buds flow through. Filling one-third of tumblers is recommended.

Blade speed – Slow and steady blade speeds for a higher-quality cut.

Vacuum speed control – For light and larfy buds, lowering the vacuum suction keeps the light buds flowing through.

What Maintenance Is Needed? Blade Sharpening?

Stainless steel Twister Trimmers have solid core bearings, which don’t require any bearing grease.

Standard editions require a couple of pumps of grease every 600 hours or so.

As long as blades are properly adjusted, they do not require maintenance. Generally, they self-sharpen as they’re running together.

What Is a “Nitrided” Blade and Why Is It Important?

Nitrided blades undergo a case hardening process, leaving the outside hard and brittle and the inside tough and soft. Nitrided blades are corrosion-resistant and more durable than standard blades.

How Do I Avoid Plant Material and Resin Build-Up?

If trimming wet, producers should water the brush with ice-cold water, every five minutes to prevent anything from sticking. Working in cold environments reduces build-up.

Is There Any Other Way to Collect Trim?

As an alternative to a conventional vacuum system, Twister Trimmer’s Trim Saver machine uses radial cyclone technology to separate the trim from the air, all without damaging your trim.

What Are the Safety Mechanisms?

Twister Trimmers are CSA, UL, CE approved and feature a stainless guard that requires a tool to remove. A belt guard protects operators from making contact with moving parts.

How Do You Clean It?

Twister Trimmers’ UltraClean uses ultrasonic technology to blow the cannabis resin right off.

As an alternative to ultrasonic cleaners, processors can take off the guards, control box, tumbler, and shrouds and pressure wash or steam clean the components.

Why Lean Manufacturing and Single Piece Flow?

A smaller supply chain allows more of Twister Trimmers’ revenue for research and development. Their focus on single-piece flow technology allows operators to trim cannabis higher quality cannabis at a lower price than other alternatives.

Where Can I Buy It?

Make your life easier and increase productivity with Twister Trimmer’s trimming machines!

Twister Trimmers are available at local retailers. They also offer worldwide shipping.

Where Can I Find More Information or Troubleshooting Information on Twister Trimmer?

Visit for more information.

Reach out to their technical support team or sales team for online demos.

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