Tangie’s popularity grew in the Netherlands in Amsterdam’s coffee shop scene, but has become a worldwide phenomenon. Since its origin, Tangie and its multiple varieties have gone on to win multiple Cannabis Cups. This sativa-dominant strain has a moderate THC level between 14 and 19 percent. Some Tangie strains can reach up to 22 percent THC. Revel in its citrus-heavy aroma and stimulating effects.

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This potent and pungent strain comes from DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. As a tribute to the legendary Tangerine Dream strain, Tangie is a cross between California Orange and a Skunk strain. Its parent’s skunky and tangy aromas are passed on along with its hefty coating of trichome crystals. Tangie strains are best grown outdoors to produce a more robust aroma and resin production. Turn to Tangie offspring such as Sour Tangie or Tangie OG for a similar experience.


Be prepared for a pronounced tangerine aroma that is sure to delight your senses. Its clementine-like scent is balanced by a funky and skunky smell. A tart and tangy flavor is present on the exhale after smoking or vaping Tangie. For some users, the overpowering citrus aroma can be too much, but for others, it can perk them up in the morning.

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Tangie strains grow large, tall, and busy with resinous flower buds. Its dense and chunky buds are typically light green with a smattering of orange pistil hairs and white trichomes throughout. Tangie buds are tight and compact, but offer plenty of trichomes within its nooks and crannies. Its plentiful orange pistils make its citrus aroma even more relevant.


Tangie’s effects are quick and long-lasting. Consumers can enjoy nearly instant relaxation and euphoria. Medical users report using Tangie to relieve symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia, and nausea. A small dose is all you need to feel uplifted, creative, and focused.

Tangie is a popular strain all over the West Coast and other pockets of the U.S. Prospective growers can obtain seeds from DNA Genetics. Tangie remains a classic strain with a fruity and orangey aroma that never gets old. Grab yourself a few grams of this fragrant strain if you get the chance.

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