Strawberry Cough


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Strawberry Cough

Keep some water close by when you toke the renowned Strawberry Cough strain. This Sativa-dominant strain may induce an initial coughing fit, but the aftermath is full of a sweet strawberry scent and ecstatic effects. Strawberry Cough’s blissfull characteristics are produced by its moderate THC content ranging from 15 to 20 percent. If you’re looking for a fruity and potent strain, give these energizing buds a try.

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Cultivation expert Kyle Kushman serendipitously happened upon these berry-infused flowers. Strawberry Cough is believed to be a cross between Strawberry Fields and a classic Haze strain. Strawberry Fields passes on its signature berry aroma. Haze strains bring energy and creativity into the mix. This Cannabis Cup-winning strain can grow indoors or outdoors and has a seven-to-nine-week flowering period.


Like smelling a freshly baked strawberry pie with its flaky crust and ripe berries, Strawberry Cough emits a pleasantly saccharine smell of strawberries, but with a twist. The fruity and caramel-like aroma has a skunky and musky note. After a few hits, you’ll notice the candy scent followed by an herbal and spicy kick.

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Strawberry Cough buds have a big and chunky structure. Their typical cone-shaped nugs are densely packed with vivid red pistils and forest green leaves. Its irregularly-shaped buds are completely covered in golden yellow trichomes. If you prefer pungent aromas and intriguing bud shapes, go with Strawberry Cough.


Strawberry Cough’s revitalizing and relaxing effects are the perfect combination for those looking to unwind or become more productive. Its moderate THC content produces euphoric and cerebral effects used to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by many users. While users will still experience a hazy feeling, they can still remain focused and engaged.

No matter what type of strains you like, Strawberry Cough should be in everyone’s rotation of strains. Its fruity and funky aroma is ideal for a daytime smoke sesh or an afternoon puff. Be prepared to complete your list of house chores and meal plan for the rest of the week with a few hits of Strawberry Cough.

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