Star Dawg


Star Dawg

Dive into a cosmic high with Star Dawg’s shining galaxy of trichome resin on its sparkling green buds. This Indica-dominant strain provides seasoned users with astronomical THC levels reaching up to 35.9 percent. 

On average, Star Dawg’s THC levels hover between 20 and 22 percent making it a potent choice. Its highly intoxicating effects can provide you with the needed pick-me-up in the morning or boost to get you through a mid-day slump.

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Star Dawg’s origins can be traced back to California’s Bay Area where Chemdawg #4 and Tres Dawg strains were crossed to produce this strong blend. Similar potency and aromas can be found in Star Dawg’s many offspring including Dream Star and Guava Chem. This hybrid strain can have an extended flowering period ranging from 63 to 73 days with medium-sized yields.


“Gas” enthusiasts will love Star Dawg’s robust and pungent diesel aroma mixed in with pine, pepper, and citrus notes. The complex layers of terpenes provide users with a funky and skunky fragrance that can’t be ignored. 

Star Dawg’s most common terpenes include the spicy caryophyllene, herbal myrcene, and citrusy limonene terpenes. Its sour and herbal aroma goes well with a morning cup of coffee or herbal tea.

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Star Dawg’s bag appeal is undeniable. Its glimmering and pearly trichomes span every nook and cranny of the buds. Buds are tight, compact, and spear-shaped. Their bright green and curly leaves are dotted with fiery orange pistils and a plentiful amount of trichomes. 


Go into orbit with Star Dawg’s uplifting and cerebral effects. Just a small dose is enough to provide you with mental stimulation and intoxication. Users report feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed with moderate doses of this Indica-leaning strain. 

Medical users have used Star Dawg to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. In high doses, you may experience dry mouth, dry eyes, and mild dizziness. In responsible doses, Star Dawg can be an invigorating and relaxing strain.

Unleash your creativity with Star Dawg’s stress-relieving effects. This Indica-dominant strain can be found mainly in the West Coast, but other pockets of America may have these THC-rich buds. Your best bet is to find them in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

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