OCD provides users with a burst of energy, creativity, and focus, with its trichome-packed buds. This Sativa-dominant strain can have THC concentrations as low as 13 percent or as high as 24 percent. Needless to say, you’ll feel motivated, uplifted, and happy with a few puffs of this nutty-smelling strain. That’s if you can even find yourself a few grams of this rare treat.

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OCD’s lineage is unknown but industry insiders believe this strain originated in downtown Seattle, Washington. Clones or seeds of OCD are nearly impossible to come by. Whatever the strain’s genetics are, OCD produces potent and energizing buds. This mysterious hybrid strain has enviable genetics that elicits well-balanced effects.


If you do get your hands on some OCD, you’ll immediately notice it’s strong earthy, nutty, and sweet smell. A slightly harsh and burnt aroma adds a woodsy, hashy, and spicy note to the otherwise, sugary scent. Many users say that OCD nugs have a strong smell of peanut butter or other nutty flavors.

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OCD’s small, popcorn-sized flower nugs feature bright and light green leaves, faint orange pistils, and a dusting of light yellow trichomes. These fluffy and dense buds can seem almost fluorescent under bright lights. Although OCD flowers may be small, they pack quite a punch of THC and terpenes.


OCD’s moderate-to-high THC concentration provides users with instant feelings of relaxation and euphoria. Its stimulating effects are used to liven up otherwise drab activities. Beginners may feel slightly anxious if they take large doses of OCD. In moderate doses, however, OCD has been used to provide an extra boost of energy to start or continue the day.

OCD’s mood-boosting and invigorating effects, as well as its nutty and hashy-smelling buds are a joy to smoke, vaporize, or cook with. Unfortunately, these buds are hard to come by but add to the diversity in strains out there. It can’t hurt to ask your local retailers about OCD or keep an eye out for a moment of serendipity.

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