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Behind the Scenes with Justin Cooper: A Special Episode of Royal Grown Radio

If you’re a fan of Growing Exposed, you won’t want to miss this special episode of Royal Grown Radio, featuring an in-depth interview with Justin Cooper, the co-creator and host of the popular cannabis cultivation show. 

Hosted by Michael Beck and Rick Elliot, this 2-hour video podcast takes you behind the scenes in Humboldt county, where it all began for Justin and his childhood friend Jeremy Deichen. They discuss the evolution of the show from a passion project to a media powerhouse.

The Roots of a Business

Justin Cooper’s passion for cannabis cultivation and horticulture led him to start running garden stores in Canada in the late 90s. One of his earliest ventures was Pacific Northwest Garden Supply, which he co-founded with Jeremy Deichen.

As Justin recalls, he was fortunate enough to grow up in a space that was the epicenter of BC Bud, a highly potent and sought-after type of cannabis that originated in British Columbia, Canada.

Looking back on those early years, Justin reflects, “A lot of what we built collectively were employees having an opportunity to own a store. We built the company from within. I found that making others successful was the secret to our sauce.” 

This philosophy would guide Justin’s future ventures, including Growing Exposed, and would become a key part of his legacy in the cannabis industry.

How Adversity Led to Innovation: Green Planet Nutrients

Justin Cooper had been focused on retail ventures in the cannabis industry, but suddenly, when the husband and wife who owned GroTek, a company whom Justin had been partnering for nutrients, divorce, he was left cut off from the brand.

As he reflects on this difficult time, Justin says, “The darkest hours, sometimes, are the best things that ever happened. Overnight we had to bring a nutrient line out.” Forced to pivot, Justin and his team decided to create their own line of nutrients for cannabis cultivators.

Despite the challenges, Justin was determined to create a superior product that would help growers achieve better yields and quality. He partnered with his team to create Green Planet, a line of high-quality nutrients that quickly gained a loyal following in the cannabis industry.

Today, Green Planet is an award-winning brand in the cannabis industry, with a loyal following of growers who swear by its products.

The Start of a Cultivation Show: Growing Exposed

To promote their new nutrient line, Justin and his team made a video showcasing the benefits of their products. The video went viral, which was the start of Growing Exposed, taking viewers behind the scenes of the most innovative and successful cannabis operations.

Growing Exposed was the brainchild of Jeremy Deichen, one of Justin’s oldest friends since grade six. With Jeremy’s creative vision and Justin’s entrepreneurial drive, the two friends decided to create a cultivation show that would showcase the best practices and techniques in the industry.

Navigating the Risk of Cannabis Cultivation in the Illegal Days

During the early days of cannabis cultivation, growing and selling marijuana was illegal and highly risky. Justin Cooper recalled how the federal authorities would follow people home from hydro stores and keep an eye on stores’ owners. In many cases, hydroponic supply stores were raided by the authorities.

To stay under the radar, hydro store owners had to be super careful and avoid selling supplies to anyone who openly admitted to growing cannabis.

Justin described how he would turn away customers who expressed an interest in growing cannabis, and instead steer them towards growing tomatoes. He acknowledged that this was an unsaid rule that was followed by most hydro store owners, and it helped them avoid getting caught by the authorities.

Fighting for Medical Cannabis in Canada

Justin Cooper talks about how he was lucky enough to be involved in the Coalition Against Repeal in Canada, which was an opportunity to change the country’s laws and allow people to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes.

A dear friend of his, Jason Wilcox, brought him the idea and gave him an opportunity to put seed capital up for the cause. The whole team got behind it, but other big-name nutrient manufacturers took credit for the movement. Justin emphasizes that they did nothing to help the cause.

He recalls how moving it was to see people crying because they were going to lose their medicine and their plants. These people had their own strain for their pain, and they were being told to dispose of their plants before legalization. It was unjust, and they could not sit back and watch it happen. Justin’s team got behind the movement, and they succeeded in changing the laws in Canada.

Embracing Sustainability

Justin believes that sustainability is an important aspect of life and has adopted it as a fundamental value. He has learned a lot from being in the cannabis industry, which has helped him to try and do things that are positive for the environment in his everyday life.

Justin not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. He lives on solar power and grows his own food with a huge organic garden that uses non-synthetic nutrients. Justin cultivates and grows soil, makes his own tea, and does everything he can to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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Fred Hernandez

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