Why Fabric Pots Are the Best – A Closer Look at Geopots


Why Fabric Pots Are the Best – A Closer Look at Geopots

We’re all familiar with the traditional plastic planters, designed to be durable against all weather. However, plastic isn’t the most sustainable or efficient option for growing cannabis. Fabric pots are an eco-friendly alternative that delivers better results.

We met Andrew from GeoPot, makers of breathable fabric pots, at a greenhouse in Northern California. We got to see just how much better fabric pots have fared in creating the highest-quality buds you’ve seen.

What Are Fabric Pots?

Fabric pots are made using recyclable or biodegradable materials that are breathable and weatherproof. These lightweight and durable pots can be used for various plants, including cannabis, and many can be washed and reused.

Benefits of Fabric Pots

After seeing the difference in plant yield and quality from fabric pots, we’ll never return to plastic pots. They’re not just eco-friendly but offer numerous benefits for growers:

Air Pruning

Because fabric pots are breathable, the root zone is constantly exposed to air, reducing humidity levels and burning off the plant’s roots in a good way. 

Plants grow new, branching roots, improving mass and root structure. These “feeder roots” are more efficient at absorbing nutrients from the water and soil, promoting plant growth.

Containers that constrict roots with minimal air pruning allow the roots to grow. Eventually, these old roots bunch up, becoming root-bound and reducing nutrient absorption.

Improved Aeration

Giving your roots enough oxygen is critical to helping roots absorb nutrients and minerals. In addition, oxygen supports the growth of helpful microorganisms and bacteria and diffuses carbon dioxide. Fabric pots are breathable, allowing air to reach the plant’s root zone from every angle.

Enhanced Drainage

Effective drainage is essential for maintaining healthy plants, particularly vegetables. Standing water around plant roots can lead to rot and other issues. Overwatering, combined with inadequate drainage, can result in plant death and promote the growth of mold, diseases, and pests. 

Unfortunately, clay and plastic pots often struggle with drainage problems. Even when these pots have drainage holes, they can still retain moisture, making it crucial to water plants cautiously to prevent standing water. 

Fabric containers, on the other hand, make overwatering nearly impossible. These containers are crafted from lightweight materials that enable excess water to drain from the bottom while preventing soil erosion. The fabric material also wicks moisture away from the sides and bottom of the pot, ensuring that the soil remains consistently moist without becoming too wet or too dry.

Reusable and Portable

Like their clay and plastic counterparts, fabric pots are surprisingly durable and long-lasting. They’re portable, sturdy, and easily reusable for easy transportation and storage.

High-quality fabric pots can endure and adapt to changing climate conditions and won’t crack in scorching hot temperatures, unlike clay pots. Some fabric pots even have UV protection to prevent deterioration from prolonged sun exposure.

Less Heat Stress

Fabric pots help regulate the root zone temperature, significantly reducing the risk of heat stress. Unlike plastic pots, which can trap heat and cause root overheating, fabric pots allow for efficient heat dissipation and maintain a comfortable temperature for roots. This results in stronger, more resilient plants.

Fabric Pots – Buyer’s Guide

When buying a fabric container for growing cannabis, consider the following factors:

  • Material: Choose between recycled or biodegradable materials, depending on your preferences.
  • Quality: Opt for simple designs with durable materials, such as fabric bags with handles for easy transportation.
  • Treatment: Avoid chemically treated fabric pots if you’re concerned about soil quality. Choose BPA-free options.

In our greenhouse garden tour, Andrew demonstrated the benefits of the SquatPot, which features a short and wide shape, perfect for plants with shallow root systems and limited vertical space.

Where to Buy Fabric Pots

Fabric grow bags can be found online and in brick-and-mortar gardening supply stores. GeoPot offers two types of premium quality grow bags, round and square. The GeoPot fabric pots are made from a black felt-like porous fabric that promotes proper drainage and air pruning. They are easy to install and relocate, ensuring you get the most out of your gardening experience.

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