The Top 6 Considerations for Setting up a Mother Area for Cannabis Plants


The Top 6 Considerations for Setting up a Mother Area for Cannabis Plants

With the cannabis industry, comes a demand for consistent and high-quality products. One way to achieve this is by keeping a mother plant. A mother plant is a cannabis plant that is grown for the specific purpose of taking cuttings. These cuttings are then used to populate a garden with consistent genetics, providing total control over the entire growing process. In this article, we will discuss the importance of setting up a proper mother area to avoid potential problems and setbacks.

1. Begin with a Clean Space

First and foremost, it is crucial to start with a clean space. Your mother plants should be placed in a sterilized area that is free from bacteria or fungi that can ultimately harm your plants. It is recommended to use a space that is dedicated solely to your mother plants to avoid any cross-contamination.

2. Raise Your Mother Plant

The second thing to consider is to raise your mother plant so it is not sitting directly on cold concrete, as this can slow down the plant’s growth and impact its ability to absorb nutrients. A tray or a rolling plant base can be a convenient way to move large plants down aisles or next to your propagation station when it is time for cuttings.

3. Choose the Appropriate Size Container

The third consideration is to spot your mother plant in the appropriate size container. The right size container will give them the room they need for healthy root development. A large pot influences the size of your plant. If your hand-watering smaller pots, they dry out quicker. So, it is nice to have a pot size where you only have to water once a day. The other benefit of a large container is the plant won’t just blow over under its weight when it becomes dry.

4. Choose the Appropriate Medium

Fourth, choose the appropriate medium for your mother plant. There are various types of growing media available, but one of the most popular and sustainable choices among growers is Royal Gold, which offers a blend of high-quality coco coir, peat, perlite and aged forest products.

5. Consider Air Movement

Fifth, consider air movement. Overcrowding tends to be a big problem with growers wanting to hoard all the genetics they have in one room. Spread your plants out and let them breathe. And unless you have supplemental CO2, make sure you have a fresh air source.

6. Adequate Lighting

Sixth and finally, adequate lighting is crucial for a mother plant. The ideal light for growing mother plants is one that provides a full spectrum of light, including both blue and red wavelengths. The iLogic8 from Iluminar is a highly efficient full-spectrum light that covers at least a 4×4 footprint. It is also controllable and dimmable, providing growers with the flexibility to adjust the light to their plant’s needs.

The iLogic8 is also IP rated, providing resistance to moisture, making it an ideal choice for growers. Additionally, the light features Cable Logic for power, which allows growers to link up to ten fixtures in parallel with a single power source. 


In conclusion, setting up a proper mother area for cannabis plants is crucial to achieving consistent and high-quality products. Start with a clean space, raise your plant, and place it in an appropriate size container, choose the appropriate medium, consider air movement, and ensure adequate lighting. With these considerations, you can ensure the health and longevity of your mother plant, and ultimately, the success of your cannabis garden.

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