Pootie Tang


Pootie Tang

Pootie Tang’s enviable genetics contribute to its heavy resin production, as well as its sweet and tangy aroma and flavors. This Sativa-dominant strain’s THC levels are some of the highest around. Some strains can reach up to 27 percent THC, but the average is about 18 percent THC. Don’t miss out on this highly desired, but rare strain. Pootie Tang has won 3rd Place Best Sativa Flower the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup and 1st Place at the 2017 Colorado Dope Cup.

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This Sativa hybrid has origins in Colorado after two growers started New House Seed Co and crossed LA Kush and Tang Tang (also known as Tropical Tang) strains. This fortunate combination of uplifting strains created a well-balanced Pootie Tang strain. Both LA Kush and Tang Tang are known to provide revitalizing effects. Tang Tang’s citric and skunky aromas blend well with LA Kush’s earthy and piney scents.


Unleash a rush of citrus, skunk, and pine notes with a mildly saccharine taste when you consume this strain. Both parents passed on their earthy and musky effects to Pootie Tang. Every inhale tastes like a glass of freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice. The tangy flavor mixes with skunky and hashy undertones. Some users report smelling hints of spice and fruit. Needless to say, Pootie Tang is the ideal strain for those that love fruity and citrus-scented buds.

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Pootie Tang’s flower nugs have a long and slim shape with tight and compact bud leaves. Its buds are heavily dusted with fragrant and milky trichomes just begging to be smoked or vaporized. Pootie Tang’s foxtail-shaped buds have impressively long and bright orange pistils scattered throughout its olive and moss-colored leaves. 


As a potent Sativa hybrid, Pootie Tang’s effects are heavily cerebral and intoxicating. Immediately after smoking or vaporizing Pootie Tang, you’ll be transported into a hazy and calm reality that intensifies as time passes. This stoney hybrid strain gives users a boost in creativity with its energetic and blissful effects. Medical users report using Pootie Tang to reduce stress, nausea, and appetite loss.

Pootie Tang is an overall fun and potent strain to try. It’s strong sweet and sour aroma offer users a unique sensory experience. As a THC-rich strain, Pootie Tang can deliver intense effects for beginner users that can be tempered in small doses. If you’re up for this hybrid strain, you can find it in Colorado dispensaries and other major cannabis markets.

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