Prism’s wide spectrum of colors on its dense buds lures in those who favor strains with a high bag appeal. Prism is more than a pretty sight. Users can experience a mind-altering head rush and body relaxing effects. As a Sativa-dominant strain, Prism is the ideal daytime smoke. Its THC levels can be as high as 25 percent. While this hybrid strain is a rare find, the hunt for it is worth it.

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West Coast Cure bred Prism by crossing Pineapple Express and Huckleberry Soda strains. Pineapple Express passed on its citrus and herbal aroma, while Huckleberry Soda imparted its sweet berry flavors onto the Prism strain. Both parent strains also transferred their uplifting and euphoric effects onto this Sativa-dominant strain.


Like relaxing and drinking a Mai Tai in a poolside bar, Prism offers users a pungent lemon-lime scent with diesel and tropical fruit undertones. Imagine a sharp fuel-like aroma balancing the tropical pineapple smell. Prism buds have a sweet and sour terpene profile that never gets old.

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This hybrid strain earned its name due to its prismatic look. A striking array of vibrant colors look as if they are reflecting rays of light. Prism’s sage-colored nugs are fluffy and covered in golden trichomes. Prism features captivating shades of violet and pink with warm tints of red on its pistils. Prism’s sparkling buds are some of the most visually-appealing flowers available.


Prism’s effects are motivating and blissful. Users immediately experience robust cerebral effects followed by a slow and steady high. Prism can infuse a burst of energy and focus on any activity whether it be hiking, painting, or watching a movie. Medical users report using this strain for chronic fatigue, depression, and nausea. Its uplifting effects make it a solid choice for daytime smoking and vaporizing.

Prism’s visually arresting buds are pungent and potent, two of the most important aspects of a cannabis strain. These trichome-covered nugs are great for fans of tart, tangy, and skunky aromas. Prism buds provide users with a complex terpene profile and a hefty dose of THC. If you love cerebral and invigorating effects, give Prism a try.

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