Licensed Producers Move To Lotus Nutrients Powdered Fertilizer


Licensed Producers Move To Lotus Nutrients Powdered Fertilizer

Licensed Producers Move To Lotus Nutrients Powdered Fertilizer

With cannabis cultivation moving from the black market to the stock market, licensed producers and professional growers are adapting the skills they honed over years of growing at home. Part of this process has been to re-evaluate growing supplies and techniques to ensure maximum profitability.This means producing top-quality harvests, with reliable products that effectively save time and money.

Lotus Nutrients: Changing the Way We Garden at Scale

Liquid fertilizers have reigned supreme in the home grown market for ages, however, growers in commercial spaces have been transitioning to powdered nutrients because of the cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Due to the difficulty in combining essential macro and micro-elements, most nutrient companies package them separately, forcing the grower to buy as many as a dozen separate products in order to obtain all of the nutrients cannabis plants need throughout their lifecycle. Due to the significant amount of water present in every bottle, and the sheer number of components needed, these liquid nutrient programs can be complicated and bulky. Maintaining these recipes becomes expensive very quickly and incredibly time consuming when administering at a large scale. 


A new powdered nutrient company out of SantaRosa, CA, Lotus Nutrients, is leading the way to a fundamental shift in how we feed plants at a commercial level. Lotus Nutrientsblends all the essential nutrients into a simple three-step system formulated by medical growers, and specifically designed for medicinal plants. Their water-soluble powdered nutrients are quickly becoming the preferred choice for commercial agriculture and a great solution for new growers. Even more exciting, because of the high solubility of Lotus Nutrients products, their highly reliable 3-part system will perform equally well in all mediums including, soil, peat-based, coco and hydroponics. 

The Quality, Care and Craftsmanship of Lotus Nutrients

Lotus Nutrients Pro Series s feature a simplified 3-step powder-based formula that promises to outperform any 8, 9, or 10 part liquid recipe. The naturally formulated recipe is also free of dust, dyes, fillers and is formulated with anti-caking technology. To affirm the quality and care that is put into the manufacturing process, Rory Kagan, CEO of Lotus Nutrients had this to say on the subject of the company’s attention to detail: 

We worked tirelessly with our expert team of growers, scientists, and horticulturists to develop what is now known as Lotus Nutrients. Made using only the highest quality raw materials, Lotus provides everything your plants need to go from seed to harvest, yielding only the most impressive results.

Rory Kagan, CEO, Lotus Nutrients
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Perhaps those who have seen the most success with Lotus Nutrients are those on the front lines of the industry. For instances, retailers in the United States have been overwhelmed with the positivity surrounding recent reviews of Lotus Nutrients; a sales representative from Ohio Hydroponics, had this to say about the expected results while using Lotus in the garden: 

I tested Lotus Nutrients in one of my rooms and was shocked to see over 2 inches of plant growth overnight. I’ve since switched all of my rooms over to Lotus and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Sales Representative, Ohio Hydroponics

Simplifying the Garden: Lotus Nutrients 3-Part System


Lotus Grow aids in producing thick stems, tight inter-nodal spacing, dense canopy development, and massive roots, while Bloomis designed to trigger rapid on-set of flowering by providing plants with all necessary components needed for strong development. Finally, Boost is the turbo-charged secret weapon that leads to an unsurpassed size and density of flowers while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste.

Lotus Nutrients will be available in Canada, January of 2021. To experience the Lotus advantage for yourself, contact your GreenPlanet representative for sales, samples, or product information.

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This blog was written and provided in partnership with Lotus Nutrients.

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