Creating The Perfect Environment Part 1: The Grow Space


Creating The Perfect Environment Part 1: The Grow Space

Creating The Perfect Environment Part 1: The Grow Space

In the process of creating the perfect indoor growing operation, identifying the potential advantages and limitations of a growing space is the first issue to combat when building a long-term garden. There are many options when it comes to constructing an indoor growing space. But whether you’re at home, or on a commercial scale, the basic principles of providing plants with a clean and stable environment are consistent across all levels of production. Whether you’re growing in a tent, a walk-in closet, or in a licensed facility, thanks to the quality products provided by GreenPlanet Wholesale, the complicated business of creating the perfect growing space has never been simpler. 

Identify Your Space

The first thing to consider when designing the perfect environment is to identify the space you want to dedicate to the garden. Mostly a consideration for home-growers, as large facilities dedicate entire buildings to indoor gardens, identifying your growing space will help you envision the realistic capabilities of your garden, and will likewise influence other decisions. Remember, because we are growing indoors, in theory, any space has the potential to be a garden. 

Once you have identified your space here are some things to consider:

  • Cost Of Equipment
  • Production Potential
  • Labour Requirements
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With this consideration in mind, ask yourself a few questions when identifying a space for your future garden. For example, if you want to grow indoors, but occupy a limited amount of space, say in a small condo or apartment, growing in a tent, rather than dedicating an entire room to your garden, maybe a better option. However, if you have a larger property then there are more options when creating your own well-functioning indoor garden.

Once you’ve identified your space, you’re one step closer to designing the perfect environment for an indoor garden. For tips on effectively designing your room, consult the passages below. 

Designing a Grow Room 

For those of us fortunate enough to have an entire room dedicated to growing, there are a few simple, yet crucial elements to garden design to consider before filling your space with plants. Among the other important aspects of your space, like insulation, cleanliness and size, arguably the most important is reflectivity. If you choose to garden in a room of your home, or in some other “indoor” space on your property, ensure the walls of your garden do not absorb light, but rather reflect it. If the walls of your grow room are a dark brown colour, for instance, the light and radiated energy produced by your choice of grow lamps will be absorbed, rather than reflected, and in turn, the availability of light in your garden will diminish, and the output of your garden will suffer. 

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Adapted from “Behaviour of Light” –

Choosing a Reflective Material

In hopes of quickly addressing this essential feature in the garden, there are a few simple and cost-effective remedies to solve the problem of low reflectivity. First, the designer of the space could decide to paint the walls of the grow room with high-quality white paint or primer. However, if the time and preparation to paint is not realistic for the grower, they may choose to rely on reflective material – black and white polyethylene. These sheets of solid black and white poly are extremely affordable, vary in size, and can be easily sanitized with cleansers during, or after each harvest.

Although, if gardeners want to ensure they are using a high-quality reflective material, then Easy Grow mylar is a great choice. With all the stability of poly, plus the added reflectivity of silver or diamond, Easy Grow mylar is the only choice for growers who want to produce quality above all else. Click here to browse the selection of Easy Grow products available at GreenPlanet Wholesale. 

LightTiteDiamond 2 1
Easy Grow Diamond Lightite
LitghtiteSilver 1
Easy Grow Silver Lightite
EcoDiamond 1
Easy Grow Eco-Diamond
EcoSilver 1
Easy Grow Eco-Silver

Growing in a Tent

Not to be outdone by growing in a room, gardening in a tent is a great option for those limited by space. And, unlike the previous concern about the reflectivity of the walls in a room, most grow tents come fabricated with thick-walls lined with diamond, or dimpled mylar. Two grow tents that currently dominate the market, Gorilla Grow Tent and Baüx Industries, are sure to impress even the most experienced growers. Gorilla Grow Tent is praised across the industry for the quality driven materials which go into the construction of these tents. They vary in sizes from the unassuming 2’ x 2.5’ to the massive 10’ x 20′; and with a 360-degree entry-zipper, not to mention the most intake and outtake ducting ports on the market, Gorilla Grow Tent offer clients everywhere the most creative and reliable grow tent potential in the industry.

GreenPlanet Wholesale Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line 2x4 1
Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line
Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty Series
Gorilla Grow Tents Shorty Series
Gorilla Grow Tents
Gorilla Grow Tent

Just starting out? GreenPlanet Wholesale has the perfect solution for beginners – Baüx Industries Complete Grow Tent Kits. By combining essentials like a quality growing space, lighting systems, ventilation controls, and more, tent kits by Baüx Industries are a perfect fit for gardeners looking for consistent and reliable options for growing indoors. Baüx Industries Grow Tent Kits come loaded with assets that can take you from the grow store to the grow room, in less than a few hours. So, if you’ve ever thought of gardening year-round, your chance is finally here with the help of Baüx Industries

03 19 BAUX WEB ProductImages 1 copy 4
Baüx Industries Grow Tent Kit
Baux Accesories

Each Baüx Industries Tent Kit includes all the components above!

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