Golden Ticket


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Golden Ticket

You don’t have to win Willy Wonka’s golden ticket to enjoy this pineapple-colored strain. Golden Ticket is a striking and balanced hybrid strain. A heavy coating of resinous trichomes gives the buds a shining quality. Expect to find Golden Ticket strains starting at 25 percent THC and above. Golden Ticket’s lemon-yellow color pairs well with its energizing citrus aroma and taste.   

Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket was bred by Portland’s Archive Seed Bank. It’s a cross between Golden Goat and Face Off OG strain. These parent strains contribute to Golden Ticket’s high trichome and THC production. Golden Goat is known for its eye-catching light pink, red, and green bud leaves. Golden Ticket has an equal intensity in color. Face Off OG’s Kush lineage gives Golden Ticket an unforgettable sweet smell.


Enjoy Golden Ticket’s mouthwatering mix of citrus and skunk. Breaking apart the buds releases a tantalizing array of scents including lemon, lime, and pine. Golden Goat genetics give this strain its tart and tropical flavor. Some users liken the taste to Sprite. Its citrusy smell is elevated by its minor fruity, earthy, and funky notes.

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Golden Ticket’s buds are chunky, tight, and compact. A mesmerizing layer of neon yellow trichomes gives the flower nugs an almost completely light yellow sheen. Under the resinous layer of trichomes, you’ll find bright green leaves, purple stems, and orange pistil hairs. These fluffy green buds are some of the most attractive buds you’ll find.


Golden Ticket will give you a strong dose of happiness as well as complete muscle relaxation. A slow and creeping high starts off with intense cerebral effects that can make you feel a bit more talkative and sociable. The mental pick-me-up and mellowing effects make for a balanced experience. As Golden Ticket’s high wears off, you may feel a bit too mellow and drowsy.
If you love fun strains with a citrus twist, you’ll love Golden Ticket. The happy-go-lucky effects from these buds are great for smoking with friends or just enjoying the flavorful terpenes by yourself. If you see these bright green and yellow nugs at your dispensary, don’t hesitate to pick up a few grams.
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