Glue #4


Glue #4

Glue #4 gets its name from super-strength adhesive that can bind everything from wood to metal to stone. Glue #4 has a similar sticky nature. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain has won multiple awards including first place as the best hybrid flower at the 2015 World Cannabis Cup. Its THC concentration ranges from 20 to 30 percent.

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Glue #4 was a happy accident after growers at GG strains noticed that a Chem Sis strain had pollinated their Sour Dubb batch. After extensive back-crossing of Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel, GG strains created four phenotypes. Glue #4 was their favorite.


Once you open a jar of Glue #4 buds, a pungent skunky and diesel aroma will fill the room. Apart from its funky notes, G4 has subtle pine, woody, sweet, and earthy undertones. Some users have even come across G4 strains with chocolatey and coffee aromas. Whatever batch of Glue #4 you get, you’re in for a delicious treat.

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Be prepared to have your fingertips covered in a sticky and dusty residue of trichomes. Glue #4 is completely covered in milky white and golden trichomes that can wreak havoc on trimmers’ scissors. G4’s dense and chunky buds feature fiery orange pistils within the blanket of sticky trichomes.


Glue #4 has strong mood-boosting and relaxing effects. Initially, you’ll feel a wave of focus and happiness run through you. This cerebral and euphoric high can last for hours. As the effects wear on, you’ll notice a distinct full-body buzz, which has helped consumers relieve insomnia and minor aches and pains. G4 is often used in the afternoon or evening due to its heavy-duty effects.

This award-winning sativa-dominant strain has become a popular choice for consumers and growers. It’s one of the highest potency strains on the market, which is ideal for long-time users or those who need considerable relief. G4 delivers a heavy dose of THC with a skunky and diesel kick.
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