Apple Fritter Strain


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Apple Fritter Strain

No matter what season, Apple Fritter buds can remind users of the sweet homemade and deep-fried morsels by the same name. From its trichome-coated glaze to its apple-like aroma, the Apple Fritter strain is a very potent and pungent treat. Its THC levels hover around the mid-20 percent mark, although, some flowers can contain up to 30 percent THC. This isn’t your grandmother’s apple fritter.

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Despite its popularity among sweet tooth and cannabis fans, Apple Fritter’s origins are unsubstantiated. It’s thought that the famed Apple Fritter cultivar was a cross between Sour Apple (Sour Diesel x Cinderella 99) and Animal Cookies (GSC x Fire OG) strains. If so, Apple Fritter retains its parent strain’s fruity, earthy, and spicy aroma. Prospective growers won’t easily find the Apple Fritter seeds or clones. 


Apple Fritter flower buds look and smell good enough to eat. Its unique aromatic notes remind users of a savory and sweet baked good. A sharp and strong sour apple taste is the most commanding scent. Some users notice a tangy and cheesy aroma that balances the sweet and biting tartness of the sour apple smell. Whether you’re vaporizing or smoking Apple Fritter, it’s a smell that can make discreet consumption very difficult.

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Apple Fritter’s flower buds’ colors vary by batch, but generally, range between deep forest green and light purple-hued leaves. Its flower buds are long, chunky, spear-shaped, and dense. A sparse covering of rusty pistil hairs dots the bud’s structure. During peak trichome levels, Apple Fritter’s resinous glands resemble a blanket of white to light-yellow frosting. 


Beginners should consume very low doses of Apple Fritter due to its relatively high THC concentration. Consumers report feeling euphoric, creative, focused, and social immediately after consuming a moderate dose of this strain. The effects can intensify and gradually build into a sense of sedation after a few hours. It’s the ideal strain for doing nothing and other relaxing activities.

Apple Fritter provides users with potent effects that can be overwhelming in high doses, especially for novice users. Let its heavy and cerebral effects calm your racing mind and tired muscles. This award-winning strain is the perfect afternoon strain to enjoy after work or during a weekend getaway.

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