Julius Caeser


Julius Caeser

Unlike the ruthless Roman general, the Julius Caeser strain delivers well-balanced effects that won’t leave you high and dry. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain contains 20 percent THC on average. Its THC levels can range between 18 to 24 percent. Its quick-acting effects provide users with a considerable mood boost that can wear off quickly.

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Julius Caeser is the sublime creation of Cali Connection. These master growers combined SoCal Master Kush and SFV OG Kush strains to produce this strong and dependable hybrid strain. Feminized and regular seeds are available for indoor or outdoor grows. Julius Caeser cultivars’ flowering time can range from eight to ten weeks.


This Indica hybrid has a complex aroma with hints of pine, diesel, fruit, and hash. These earthy, sweet, and fuel-like notes offer users a unique aroma. SoCal Master Kush passes on its fruity and hashy notes onto Julius Caeser. SFV OG Kush passes on its piney and skunky aroma. While some may shy away from such a pungent strain, others may find the herbal and sweet mix of scents a delight.

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Julius Caeser’s buds are small, dense, and frosted with an abundance of milky white trichomes. Some of its buds may have a slightly purple tinge, but most of its leaves have a dark green color covered by trichomes. These popcorn-shaped nugs feature light yellow-to-orange pistil hairs. The blend of light and dark colors create a striking image.


Medical and recreational consumers report instant effects after consuming Julius Caeser flower. Its hard-hitting effects offer users a brief respite from stress and anxiety. Users also report feeling energized, focused, and creative. This strain offers a short burst of effects that can quickly taper off, so you can continue your day with ease.

Julius Caeser has gained recognition beyond its West Coast roots. Cannabis users can ask for it at their local dispensary, but they’ll have the highest chance of finding this strain in Washington and Pennsylvania. If you’re interested in a moderate and aromatic strain, look no further than Julius Caeser.

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