Girl Scout Cookies


Girl Scout Cookies

Whether you love to munch down on Samoas or Thin Mints, you’ll love the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain. GSC has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its sky-high potency and irresistibly sweet and earthy aroma. Heavy users and those that require strong doses of THC will appreciate GSC’s THC content, which ranges between 25 to 30 percent. These green and violet cannabis buds deliver a rush of euphoria and a robust cerebral buzz.


California-based Cookie Family took the weed industry by storm with its cross of two classic strains, OG Kush and Durban Poison. These two parent strains pass on their sweet and earthy aromas as well as their heavy resin production. GSC is the proud parent to other popular dessert-flavored phenotypes including Platinum GSC, Cookies and Cream, and Thin Mint strains. Today, GSC has taken over the entire West Coast and can be found across many cannabis markets.


Girl Scout Cookies buds earned its prized reputation for being one of the best-smelling strains due to its dessert-like aroma. You’ll immediately notice its sweet and earthy smell with hints of mint, spice, chocolate, pine, skunk, and so much more. GSC’s complex and pungent aroma is a true representation of its skunky and sweet Durban and OG Kush parents.

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Girls Scout Cookies buds look like tiny green and violet mouthwatering morsels good enough to eat. GSC nugs have a long, thin, and tight bud structure. Their bright green bud leaves create a colorful contrast with the dark violet shades throughout. You can’t miss GSC’s thick, heavy, and crystalline resin coat over the flower buds. Rusty orange hairs give these charming green and purple flowers an added splash of color.


GSC’s high resin production means you get plenty of THC and terpenes, which make for a great smoking or vaporizing experience. Initially, you’ll feel a release of your anxious thoughts paired with muscle relaxation throughout your body. GSC’s effects offer users uplifting cerebral effects that can last for hours. GSC goes well with creative pursuits or social situations. 

Effects are long-lasting and potent, so first-users should use this strain in moderation. Seasoned users, on the other hand, will enjoy the mouthwatering flavors and intense hazy feeling from consuming GSC buds. If you’ve never had these frosty nugs, make sure to add them to your strain bucket list.
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