Gelato’s fruity aroma and high THC content have earned it multiple awards at various cannabis cups since its release. This balanced hybrid strain typically has between 15 to 25 percent THC levels, but what keeps users coming back for more is its vibrant violet bud leaves and unforgettable aroma. Its sweet-smelling parents pass on their berry and citrus smells making Gelato one of the tastier strains around.

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Gelato comes from Bay area-based Cookie Fam Genetics who are known for producing other dessert-like strains such as Biscotti, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cherry Pie. Cookie Fam Genetics crossed Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains to make multiple phenotypes, eventually settling on phenotype #33 nicknamed “Larry Bird” after the basketball player’s jersey number.


Cookie Fam Genetics are known for their pungent and fruity aromas. Gelato continues the tradition with a blend of sweet berry and citrus notes that’ll remind you of a blueberry lemon dessert. Sunset Sherbet passes on its skunky, sweet, and fruity notes, while Thin Mint GSC passes on its earthy and minty smell.

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Gelato buds have a distinct black raspberry hue mixed with lime green leaves, vivid orange pistil hairs, and resinous trichomes specks. Buds are short and dense, like many other indica varieties. Before Gelato strains are harvested, their sugar leaves display an iridescent green and purple color also found in its diminutive buds.


Gelato’s relatively high THC content can catch novice users off-guard. Most users experience a relaxing sensation wash over their head and down their body pretty quickly after consuming the strain. Users feel happy and euphoric making this a perfect strain to use to wind down after a long day of work or on your day off. High doses of Gelato can make you feel slightly drowsy and couch-locked, which is great for movie-watching.
Users love Gelato’s balanced effects, as well as berry and earthy aroma from its potent parents. Gelato may not have the highest THC concentration out there because its focus is on its unrivaled bag appeal and unique taste. You’ll enjoy consuming Gelato during a quiet night at home or at a gathering with friends.
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