Copper Deficiency

Copper an Essential

Copper is an essential nutrient throughout a plant’s life cycle. Its role in the formation of cell walls, chlorophyll production and other metabolic process’s directly affect photosynthesis and respiration. Luckily its only needed in very low quantities.  

While the right amount of Copper is nessicary for normal plant growth and development when is availability is to high Copper can cause a plant to be stunted, inhibit root growth, leaf discoloration and chlorosis/necrosis. 

Copper is an immobile nutrient as is best obtained from the soil but can be applied as a foliar and is also a common fungicide/bactericide.

Copper Deficiencies/Toxicity

Deficiencies are usually seen first in newer/younger leaves first lightening in color then chlorosis and or necrosis. Copper deficiencies symptoms will first be seen at the tips of young leaves and then extend down the leaf along the edges. Leaves may also be twisted or malformed and a flowering plant will have its bud growth negatively affected. 

Toxicities because of coppers can often be misinterpreted as simply nutrient burn. Where the to issues diverge is nutrient burn eventually kills the leaf tissue, Copper toxicity will only make it look sick. Often the edges and tips of the leaves will be yellow or white while the rest of the leaf remains in contrast blueish or purple.

Correcting Issues Associated with Copper

A Copper deficiency and toxicity is often the result of soil pH and correcting this imbalance is as easy as flushing you medium with the approximately pH water and then reintroducing a light feed. 

If you determine your pH is fine next place is to look at your source of Copper normally found in proportioned quantities in your feed. Because its immobile one you correct your cooper issues the affected leaves will remain visually damaged but new growth will not.

Making sure your nutrients use high-quality micro’s will be the first step in preventing any issues with copper. A 2- or 3-part nutrient solution should provide you with enough of the micronutrient to sustain healthy growth throughout its life cycle. The micros blend in Green Planets line of 2- and 3-part nutrient lines are an excellent source of balanced micro needed to produce quality buds and growth.

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