What Are All The Royal Gold Soils?


What Are All The Royal Gold Soils?

What’s the secret to a thriving cannabis garden? Good soil. A soil with good structure, drainage, and aeration is one of the most important aspects of any indoor or outdoor garden.

Royal Gold, the original coco soil company, provides growers with a robust growing medium designed to grow the best buds possible. Royal Gold delivers unparalleled results with a wide range of soil mixes and is the perfect solution for your garden challenges.

Who Are Royal Gold?

Royal Gold is the first coco pith-based soil company in the U.S. Since introducing its coco fiber-based soil, Royal Gold has set the bar high. Based out of Humboldt County, California, Royal Gold performs extensive research, development, and testing to create a perfect product.

Coconut fiber, made from coconut husks, is a sustainable alternative to traditional growing mediums and is becoming the industry standard for indoor and hydroponic gardens. It can also be a significant part of industrial-scale soil building and reconditioning programs. All of Royal Gold’s coco coir is imported from Sri Lanka.

Coconut fiber has a high concentration of potassium that is present throughout every stage of growth. Compared to peat-based soils, peat’s potassium is quickly washed away and requires frequent supplementation. A high concentration of potassium found in coconut fiber can result in strong stems and resinous buds.

Coco Fiber

It all starts with coco fiber. It’s the original product and base for all of their soils. Royal Gold does all of its own grinding, rinsing, buffering, and packaging in Humboldt County. It’s ready to use as a standalone medium, soil conditioner, or base for your homemade mix.

Every batch goes through a nutrient and salt concentration analysis by an independent lab to ensure the best purity in the product. Due to their buffering process, Royal Gold’s loose coco has a light calcium charge.


Royal Gold Tupur (pronounced two-per) soilless mix is designed to give your plant the maximum amount of nutrients to get the best buds possible. It’s not a traditional 70/30 coco perlite blend. It’s created to be the foundation for a grower’s high-growth feeding program. As long as it receives high concentrations of magnesium and calcium, it can be watered up to six times per day, the perfect solution for automated irrigation systems but can have just as excellent results in hand-watered gardens.

Ingredients: coco fiber, aged forest materials, perlite, basalt

Kings Mix

Royal Gold Kings Mix is the perfect soil for your light deprivation, indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor garden. This soil mix is adequately aerated and moderately amended with a coco peat blend, the first Royal Gold product with peat moss. This is the ideal soil solution for peat or coco gardening gardeners. It features coco chips, called croutons, designed to dry fast and work with immediate feeding.

Ingredients: coco fiber, aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coco chips, feather meal, fish bone meal, basalt, dolomite (pH adjuster), bat guano

Basement Mix

Basement Mix is one of the OG products, designed for container-style grows who want to add coco fiber to the mix to enhance their gardens. Use it right out of the bag. It’s made with high-quality amendments and has exceptional moisture and air-holding characteristics. It works with any irrigation style and conventional feeding programs.

Ingredients: coco fiber, perlite, aged forest materials, compost, coco chip, alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, feather meal, basalt, bat guano, kelp meal

Mendo Mix

Royal Gold Mendo Mix is the flagship product known for being heavily amended and having excellent air and water holding properties. It’s the perfect soil mix for outdoor gardens in hot and dry climates, container-style gardens, and bed-style gardens. Mendo Mix allows growers to feed their plants after about four weeks of growth.

Ingredients: coco fiber, aged forest materials, perlite, compost, lava rock, coco chip, alfalfa meal, basalt, fishbone meal, feather meal, composted chicken manure, bat guano, kelp meal

Bulk Soil

Order bulk soil from Royal Gold to save money and labor and reduce waste. Royal Gold offers Mendo and Basement Mixes in 1-yard bulk totes. Kings Mix and Tupur are available in 2-yard bulk totes. 

Crown Jewels: Premium Dry Amendments

Take your cannabis garden to a new level with Royal Gold’s line of fertilizers, amendments, and supplements.

  • Grow – Get your grown on with this special formula designed to strengthen soils and promote healthy plant growth and robust plant structure. Use it for Royal Gold soils or other grow mediums before planting, or as a top-dressing during the vegetative stage.
  •  Bloom – Grow the best cannabis buds with this bloom fertilizer. It’s good for adjusting soil before the flowering stage or as a top dressing throughout this stage.

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