The Show Must Go On


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The Show Must Go On

Amid the mayhem that Covid 19 is causing in the world right now… the show must go on. Cannabis enthusiasts and anyone looking to curb their curiosity of the behind the scenes of the cannabis industry will be happy to know that a new Growing Exposed episode was released April 4, 2020.  The first episode of the 3rd season will aired as an official premiere on their YouTube channel and website.  

If you think it is just another internet show think again. 

Season 3 will be the latest evolution of the Growing Exposed series, as their dedication continues with the most in-depth and exciting content from around North America within the cannabis industry. 
As they rack up millions of views, approaching the 100k subscriber milestone on YouTube, they continue to go beyond the numbers, as they change minds, de-stigmatizing the cannabis plant with stories of real people within the sector.  

From intriguing stories of personalities like Tyler Dooley as he takes us on a tour of 1000 acres in southern Oregon opening up about his ultra-famous aunt Megan Markle. To a group of weed-smoking nuns who call themselves Sisters Of The Valley, Growing Exposed turns the cannabis industry inside out with unprecedented access.   

The first episode of this new and exciting new season begins with our host Justin Cooper navigating the epic Lost Coast beach in California, where Justin continues his journey telling stories and meeting new people within the industry. Justin says “I feel strongly about educating but most importantly de-stigmatizing the plant which helps so many. And the only way I know how to do that is by introducing the viewers to all the wonderful people of cannabis. I owe a lot to this plant and what it has done for me and this is my way of giving back.”

“It began as a passion project and it continues to be,” explains Jeremy Deichen, who created the series 5 years ago. “Justin donates his time and resources, while the crew works for a reduced rate. It started as a passion project and continues to be. We are getting champagne on a beer budget and I am more proud of this first episode as anything I have done in my 25 years of video production. I have put my heart and soul into it.”

Additionally, host Amanda MacKay does what she does best and with support of our sponsor Green Planet Wholesale, she is now out of the studio to places in and around Los Angeles with cinematographer Jason Monroe, bringing you closer to the stories within the cannabis world.

We are also proud to have our very own and beloved Garden Sage David Robinson returning with even more tips and insights for helping home and commercial cultivators achieve maximum yield. 

With fascinating new people, new locations and stories told by our crew who after 5 years continue to deliver this passion project right to your phone, laptop or anywhere there is an internet connection. 
In addition to the popular Youtube channel you can find them online at


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