Mansion Party Launching Dan Bilzerian's Ignite Cannabis Co.


Mansion Party Launching Dan Bilzerian's Ignite Cannabis Co.

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I was recently invited to attend the launch of Ignite Cannabis Co., the brand new cannabis line by none other than the self proclaimed “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian. Bilzerian is known as a professional poker player and Internet personality with an extremely lavish lifestyle that he showcases to his over 24.3 million Instagram followers.

Aiming to be the “first ever high-end Global Cannabis brand”, Ignite Cannabis Co. was founded in 2017 and while currently only available in California, it has plans to expand, starting with Nevada and Canada later this year.

The exclusive invite outlined that guests should park at UCLA, get their credentials approved, and then take a provided shuttle to the party. Guests had to be on the list and multiple security checks made sure there were no gatecrashers. The whole process reminded me of the many parties I had attended at the Playboy Mansion over the years. It was the first of many similarities between the parties that I would take note of as the night and insanity progressed.

Check in was smooth and once we signed our NDA’s we were driven through the windy, magical streets of the Hollywood Hills. Before long we were dropped off at the bottom of a driveway as long and steep as one would expect from a mega mansion in Bel Air, so of course, there were golf carts to shuttle us to the front door.

I later learned this was Bilzerian’s personal residence and was estimated to be worth $100 million dollars. I have been to a lot of amazing, gorgeous homes…pop stars, actors, tech bosses…but this house made them all pale in comparison. The house was completed in 2017 and is a staggering 31,000 square feet. It has its own bowling alley, movie theatre, putting green, rooftop tennis court, multiple infinity pools…you get the idea. It’s impressive.

Dan Blizerian Bel Air Home Ignite Cannabis CoThe moment I walked in the front door, it was apparent that this was going to be different from most launch parties I had attended in the past. Ignite Cannabis Co. CBD pens were handed out as you walked in and the smell of marijuana was blatantly obvious. There were (unsurprisingly) beautiful, scantily clad women everywhere and (surprisingly for me anyway), multiple armed guards with massive guns. I later hear a rumor that the guns were unloaded but they looked ready to shoot to me!!

P1100536.MOV.03 09 27 03.Still001Throughout the mansion, there were multiple bars set up and the liquor was already flowing. Ignite Cannabis Co. ambassadors were on hand to show guests the various products from their upcoming line. The company offers 40 THC and CBD products, including flower, prerolls, live resin, vape cartridges, and vape pens. As there were a lot of dispensary vendors attending the launch party, it was a great time for the people who actually sell cannabis products to check out the line.

I was there to cover the event and check out the products for Growing Exposed and I had the opportunity to chat with Bilzerian and several of his guests. He exclusively shared with me why he decided to get involved in the cannabis industry, his favorite way to partake and what we could expect from his brand. The entire interview will be available at

Chris Brown Rihanna Dan BilzerianThroughout the mansion the party was starting to become what one would expect from a Dan Bilzerian party. Celebrity guests included Matt Barnes, Chris Brown, Tyga, The Chainsmokers, Logan Paul, DJ Vice and Riff Raff. Retired NBA star Barnes talked to me about how he is also getting involved in the cannabis industry with his upcoming line of prerolls.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Dan Bilzerian party without a lot of beautiful women. Bilzerian recently announced a $1,000,000 dollar spokes model search for Ignite Cannabis Co. and the competition is sure to be fierce judging from the beauties I saw at the party.

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Around midnight, security started checking wristbands and a lot of vendors and suppliers were done for the evening and escorted off the property. Then, Ignite brand managers started handing out joints and well, the rest of what happened occurred in a hazy cloud that must have taken over all of Bel Air, another crazy night in Lala land.

Check out exclusive video of the event at

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