The Latest Tool To Manage The Unexpected


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The Latest Tool To Manage The Unexpected

The Latest Tool To Manage The Unexpected

GreenPlanet Wholesale is excited to introduce the latest addition to its product line-up: Guardian Fire Shield (GFS). This self-contained, easily mountable fire-suppression system can provide its users with peace of mind, reliability, and performance in moments of unexpected system failures. From lighting faults to cooling system failures, the garden can be full of potential hazards. To help manage the unexpected, GreenPlanet Wholesale is happy to introduce our clients everywhere to an automatic fire suppression system by Guardian Fire Shield

What is Guardian Fire Shield?

Guardian Fire Shield is a self-contained fire suppression system that can be easily installed in any commercial or residential setting. This small, yet powerful fire suppression system is designed to be placed above areas where a potential flame may break, for example, in the kitchen above the stove. While however useful Guardian Fire Shield may be in the home, this product also has amazing potential for the mitigation of fire damage in the garden. 

Due to its small size, the Guardian Fire Shield suppressant can be installed virtually anywhere in the garden, the most common places being above lighting panels, large outtake fans, and atop commercial dehumidifiers or air-conditioners. While relatively small, the suppression capabilities of this unit are aggressive, with the ability to cover a 16 x 16 room with non-toxic, ABC dry chemical in a matter of seconds. And unlike sprinkler systems, which activate at the sign of smoke, the Guardian Fire Shield only expels suppression chemicals when temperatures around the unit reach 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This aspect of fire prevention evidently leads to a decrease in false-alarms and subsequent water damage caused by traditional fire suppression. 

The Need For Fire Suppression

While technology in the garden has paid specific attention to safety in its innovation over the years, safeguards that combat the most hazardous complications are still the most cautious response. In the home, the most common tool to fight a potential blaze is a fire extinguisher. However, in an indoor garden or greenhouse setting, there is rarely a person to monitor the facility around the clock. So, in the case of a fire, the garden would likely be left alone in these moments of vulnerability, with little help being offered from an extinguisher which requires manual operation. This is where the support of Guardian Fire Shield can offer gardeners everywhere the ensured reliability and performance of non-toxic, automatic fire suppression. 

GreenPlanet Wholsale Guardian Fire Shield Automatic Fire Suppression Safety Device

  • 135°F Heat Activated: The heat-activated trigger means the Guardian Fire Shield™ will not discharge in the presence of smoke. It must be extremely hot (ie. a real fire) in order for the unit to automatically discharge.
  • No Water Damage: Unlike water suppression systems, the dry-chem agent in the Guardian Fire Shield™ does not cause extensive damage when discharged.
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Safe Powder: The non-toxic, dry-chem agent used in the Guardian Fire Shield™ is safe when discharged, as it is essentially a form of baking soda.
  • Approved Components: Manufactured with Certified Components.


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