Pure Power Plant


Pure Power Plant

Ignite the power of inspiration and the relaxation with this Sativa-dominant hybrid that can spark inspiration any time of day.  Fast acting, it can energize both mind and body with a sativa-indica ratio of approximately 70% to 30%. Famous for inspiring creative thinking and for taking effect sooner than many hybrid strains, it is potent, though THC content can vary between 12% and 20%. CBD content is low, typically under 0.4%.

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Pure Power is the creation of Nirvana Seeds, also known for Bubblicious and Black Jack. Pure Power Plant is actually a cross between White Widow and Powerplant, it hails from South African lineage.   Hardy enough to grow either indoors or outdoors, Pure Power Plant is recommended for growers with some experience. Outdoor grows of this strain require a hot, humid climate. It flowers in 56-70 days and offers high yields on 3 to 5-foot plants. A one meter grow may yield 14-18-ounces of ragged, multicolored buds.


Pure Power Plant has a woody skunk aroma with scents of orange and vanilla. Smoke is sweet and “pure skunk” with subtle notes of vanilla.

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Pure Power Plant nuggets tend to be large and elongated.  Pale green leaves are accented by curly brown and orange pistils that make this strain a beauty. Buds are
resin-coated and appetizingly frosty, setting the stage for an intense, enjoyable session. 


This strain is a favorite of those who favor a cerebral high. A favorite in social settings for sparking free-flowing conversation, it can enhance motivation for anything from work to working out.  Pure Power Plant may benefit those with ADHD because it may help sustain mental focus, and stimulates appetite in patients who have lost the desire to eat. Because it has some anti-inflammatory properties, Pure Power Plant may help relieve nausea or headaches. Like most sativas, Pure Power Plant may cause dry mouth and eyes and, due to its intensity, is not generally recommended for patients prone to panic or who are not accustomed to THC.
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