Nightfire OG


Nightfire OG

This “Nightfire” can spark inspiration any time of day.  It delivers fast-acting, euphoric effects that create a sense of being uplifted, but may induce paranoia in those unaccustomed to cannabis use. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is rooted in the White family and has a distinctive fragrance containing notes of fresh pine. This is a high-THC strain; THC content has been measured at between 20 and 23%. It has a negligible CBD content.

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A proud creation of Sin City Seeds – known for their potent cannabis — Nightfire OG is a cross between White Fire OG and White Nightmare. In terms of cultivation, Nightfire OG is not recommended for beginning growers. It typically flowers in 60 to 70 days on plants that can grow very tall. A one meter grow may yield 18-ounces of trichrome-frosted buds.


Nightfire OG is known for its fragrance. Aromas lemon and berries mingle with a pleasing aroma reminiscent of fresh pine.  Smoke is exhilarating and pine-flavored with notes of fresh, ripe berries. 

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Nightfire OG’s nuggets are stunning green works of art that are completely frosted with trichromes, while amber hairs give the impression of flame.    


Because it creates a sense of euphoria and may enhance concentration, Nightfire OG is a favorite for releasing stress and helping to manage depression. For severe, chronic pain Nightfire OG – and many Sativas – would not be the first choice. Indica-heavy strains are usually recommended for those needs. Nightfire OG may cause dry mouth and eyes. Hydrating during each usage session is recommended.
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