Just Be a Good Person


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Just Be a Good Person

Happy Monday Canna Fam! I have the pleasure of networking with many different types of individuals throughout my travels working in the cannabis industry. Not only do I meet some of the most amazing names that are out there, I also meet some people I would rather not have been introduced to. This industry does a very great job of making us feel comfortable quickly. I think because of a deep shared love for a plant, sometimes I see the best in people who don’t always deserve it. Now on the other hand, there are a lot of absolutely incredible humans in this industry; and I can say that over any industry I have worked in prior to this. We are blessed beyond belief to be surrounded by such inspiring individuals. I just think this allows us to let our guard down sometimes and forget that not everybody has the same morals, let alone ethics that you might possess. 

If you do not partake in Instagram, it is safe to say you probably avoid about 90% of the drama that goes on within our industry. Between the buying and selling in the seed world, clones, brokering flower (both hemp and cannabis), battle of the hydroponic stores, and what event I should attend out of a thousand; there is a lot of opportunity to deal with some less than amazing people. I have to say I have not experienced working in an industry so full of people trying to make fast cash. People don’t even have to have an interest in cannabis, or what it does medicinally, to join such an evolving industry. This allows a lot of room for greed out there. Trust me, this goes for people who also have an interest in how amazing cannabis is, but it is something to be aware of. People who are greedy tend to care less about purpose and passion behind what they are doing, and instead find themselves being driven strictly by that next pay out. When you only see dollar signs, it becomes easy to cut corners and slowly begin to follow the rules less. This is also sometimes related to when we see people running extremely unethical operations.  

Despite the number of grow operations out there, it is interesting to see so many big names be able to stay on top strictly due to branding. Now in my position, I mainly encounter this in the grow world and at the hydroponic stores. I have the behind the scenes advantage as a nutrient rep to see how grows operate and do business on a level beyond what their brand shows to the world. While usually I am just as pleased as their brand promoted, there are times I am shocked at the lack of care for overall plant health or the overall vibes within a work environment. Now, while I do not think there is always an easy solution, if you read my blog about egos you know that there can be that one bad seed to ruin it for everyone involved. This also goes to show in some hydroponic store areas when you have several different competitors in a price war, and in the end, you get a devalued product and a bunch of pissed off hydroponic store employees because now you have no margins and are basically giving away things. It can be a greedy industry to try and survive in, which is why it is even more important for us who live this every day to make sure that we are representing ourselves with good values and by being kind to others.   

It has never served me to lie or manipulate my way through anything in life. Sometimes, you get temporary gratification by doing so, but it always finds a way to catch up to you in the end, and karma is served. Sales can definitely be one of those jobs where people lie to get their way to the top all day. I have found a huge benefit and that I actually stand apart by doing the opposite. Now once again, of all industries, ours is a very straight forward one; so, for the most part my fellow reps also tell it how it is when it comes to sales. You can always spot the person who’s trying way too hard to sell something that should be able to sell itself. I tend to get turned off pretty quickly when I feel like someone is not paying attention to my reaction at all. For those that are selling a product, my tip to you would be make sure to always stay reading your audience; because once you have lost their attention, you have also lost the sale. People will try insanely hard to impress others with their overkill of knowledge, or maybe by using a “shit talking” tactic. I, on the other hand, try to be a good person and form good relationships and true connections that I can build moving forward. Fortunately, selling a quality product makes it easier to do less bullshitting, and more relationship building.

I found this topic hard to write about without getting way too into personal examples, and none of us need to dive back into times with not so great people. The moral of me wanting to discuss integrity, ethics, and values just comes back to wanting to be in an industry full of good genuine people. Sometimes it is hard doing the right thing and being honest, but it is a lot harder to consistently lie and cheat your way to the top. I feel like people forget how small our industry is at the end of the day. Although the cannabis world is constantly growing, people talk to each other and news travels fast. When one consistently makes choices that they do not consider the consequences of, people tend to get hurt. On the other hand, I want to applaud the companies that are not only thriving, but that are making sure to represent themselves to the highest standards when it comes to what they value. This should definitely not go unnoticed, as it is something we should all try to be more like. I have been to hundreds of farms, and the ones that stick in my mind and that I remember the most, they may not be the ones you would think. I remember the farms that showed me love, and felt like visiting my family. I remember the farms that shared their cannabis, because a good smoke session can never be forgotten (even when the cannabis is fire). I remember the facilities that took pride in their cleanliness and overall awareness of plant health. I remember the growers who would be growing cannabis regardless of how much money went back into their pocket at the end of the day, because they were good people. 

Just be a good person. Practice it. Bullshit less, and listen more. Next time you think you need to make more millions, try donating a few instead. Value money less, and value your family more. Be kind to others, you truly never know what the heck someone else is going through. Learn how to set boundaries, and how to practice integrity daily. Most importantly, if you lead a team or are a part of a larger company, do these things as a team. If you have a big outreach, use it and make a difference. I like to represent the kind of environment I want to be a part of, and I hope more and more people choose to join me on this positive journey, and leave the bad vibes and questionable morals to rest. 

Please send any topics, comments, suggestions, or questions to chycannallc@gmail.com. Everything will remain confidential, unless otherwise agree upon.  

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Chyanne Stanley

Chyanne Stanley

Chyanne joined the cannabis industry in 2016. She has combined her love for people and positivity, with her passion for writing to provide an outlet and safe place for people within the cannabis community to share ideas, discuss topics, and improve overall mental health.

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