Jack Herer


Jack Herer

Jack Herer is one of the most iconic and respected strains in the game. With several phenotypes around, each Jack Herer batch delivers a unique and energizing experience. Jack Herer buds can contain up to 24 percent THC, but levels typically hover between 14 and 19 percent. As a 9-time First Place winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup, it won’t disappoint in terms of potency or aroma.

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This Sativa-dominant strain was named after the esteemed cannabis activist who wrote the 1985 book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” In the mid-1990s, Netherlands-based Sensi Seeds are thought to have crossed a Haze hybrid, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5 strain. Jack Herer got its start as a medical-grade strain in Dutch pharmacies, but has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.


Users keep coming back for more Jack Herer for not only its potency, but also its spicy and piney aroma. Many Jack Herer phenotypes feature a pungent orange and lemon scent with a peppery and herbal kick. The strain’s most common terpenes include terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Smoking or vaporizing this legendary strain is an unforgettable experience that can satisfy beginners and experienced users.

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Jack Herer isn’t known for its bag appeal, but many varieties have distinct and striking buds with heavy trichome coverage. Jack Herer’s buds are typically long, dense, and extremely sticky. Its bud leaves have a light and vibrant shade of green. Red-brownish pistils extend out past the dense bud structure. Jack Herer’s sticky buds grow on tall and fast-growing plants.


Jack Herer is an overall solid strain choice for recreational or medical uses. Its immediate effects elicit a pleasant cerebral buzz that won’t cloud your judgment. Instead, you’ll feel even more creative, focused, and euphoric. Medical users report using this strain for mild anxiety, fatigue, and pain. Jack Herer’s clear-headed and uplifting effects can keep users upbeat, social, and ready to take on their day.

As one of the most popular strains available, Jack Herer can be found in many dispensaries including major markets in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington. It’s the perfect daytime strain to power you through your busy schedule. Whether you’re a newcomer or a connoisseur, Jack Herer is the everyman’s strain.

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