It’s High Times for Growing Exposed


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It’s High Times for Growing Exposed

Growing Exposed – The Series

The once underground world of cannabis cultivation is being taken to new highs in a series entitled Growing Exposed. The series is set up to give tours like MTV Cribs, but instead of touring million dollar mansions, viewers get an inside look into some of North America’s most impressive legal marijuana growing operations.

While the list of legal gardens and experts continue to expand across North America, so does the show. High Times, the definitive resource for all things cannabis since 1974 has picked up the first season of this series, and producer and creator Jeremy Deichen, could not be happier. “High Times is the biggest media outlet in this industry, having a huge influence on social media,” said Deichen. “High Times is the pinnacle of media in the pot industry and this magazine is iconic.”

Starting with episode one the series started Feb. 15, 2017 on The first season of Growing Exposed is made up of 12 episodes packed full of garden tours, product tips, and reviews.

When this New York-based monthly magazine Director of Digital Media, Emily Cegielski was asked about it, she said “High Times is super excited to be the home for the Growing Exposed video series. Not only does the show take viewers deep into the exciting world of cannabis growing, it also serves as an educational tool for those already in the industry – and we know our readers are going to love it.”

Fittingly with California soon-to-be legal, Amanda MacKay, former MTV Canada, and Spike TV host is anchoring the show from a studio just outside Los Angeles.

Each episode also includes a segment with David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook, who simplifies the growing process for viewers.

Justin Cooper who has built the largest chain of privately owned hydroponics shops in Canada and has made guest appearances in the series pointed out the obvious. “They have the celebrity host, big bad-ass gardens, and now they will have huge credibility being associated with High Times. This is just the tip of the iceberg as this industry goes more mainstream throughout North America.”

Growing Exposed has garnered the interest of smokers and non-smokers alike, providing insight to those in the marijuana growing industry and curbing the curiosity of the general public.

Visit around the middle of each month to view and stay up to date with new episodes.



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